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After pictures of plus-sized and Black bodies were taken down, while thinner, white bodies remained, Instagram has had to change its nudity policy. As of today, the rules of the game will change. All body types and sizes will be treated fairly, when posting semi-nude pictures.

The decision came after several embarrassing situations arose. Just last week, Aussie comedian Celeste Barber, famous for parodies of models and Influencers, posted an image mimicing a semi-nude portrait of Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel. In the post, Barber copies her post exactly (and even has more clothes on). Alas, it didn't last long as according to algorithm, it violated community rules. The original photo of Swanepoel? Yeah, that stayed put. Outrage and cries of hypocrisy soon followed.

You may remember another story that garnered headlines in summer. That of plus-size model Nyome Nicholas-Williams, whose celebratory semi-naked photographs were censored because she was holding her boobs. Yes, someone, somewhere at FB HQ took umbrage. “We do not allow breast squeezing because it can be most commonly associated with pornography,” they said. There was also a warning that if such pictures persisted, her account @curvynyome would be shut down, causing her fans to launch a flash mob to defend her #IWantToSeeNyome. “A fat black woman celebrating her body is banned … I want to promote self-love and inclusivity because that’s how I feel and how I want other women like me to feel” she told the Guardian.

Nicholas-Williams is obviously happy with the decision, but in 2020 it's frustrating that such guidelines have to be put in place to ensure anti-fat and anti-racist behaviour. “This is a huge step and I am glad a dialogue has now been opened,” she told the Guardian. “I want to ensure that I am respected and allowed to use spaces like Instagram, as many other creators do, without the worry of being censored and silenced”. We're with you. #WeWantToSeeNyome.

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