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After not being able to control her life for 13 years, the New York Times investigates


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What's going on with our childhood icon Britney Spears? Well, we'll be getting some new details in the widely-reported, deeply worrying case, as the New York Times has just announced that a new documentary about Princess of Pop is on its way.

What to expect? The film, entitled Framing Britney Spears, will focus on her notorious and controversial legal battle with her father over her freedom. The documentary follows Britney’s success story, her rise to fame and her desperate downfall, when in 2008 she was admitted to psychiatric hospital for five days. At the time, her dad, Jamie Spears, got a hold of all her finances and was able to preside over her career choices for one year. What was meant to be a temporary solution became Britney’s new reality, and since, freedom has been but a distant memory. For the last 13 years has been living under a court-sanctioned conservatorship, with no control over her life, nor over the millions she earned.

As the trailer suggests, the film will feature a series of never-seen-before testimonies from the star’s closest circle, with friends, marketing executives  and lawyers all reflect on her career and, according to Red Arrow Studios, the “Kafkaesque court battle that has reawakened her fandom and raised pressing questions about mental health and an individuals’ rights”. Prepare for some shocking insights: “Britney accepted that the conservatorship was going to happen, but she did not want her father to be conserverer”. 

The film will also go behind the #FreeBritney movement and its role in the singer’s legal battle, and The New York Times’ documentary team will analyse the media’s dogged and savage impact on Spears’ career. 

Framing Britney Spears will premiere online on February 5 on the streaming platform Hulu.