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A sombre and serious but spectacular day, captured perfectly by social media


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A very unofficial rundown of the proceedings... 

It was a sight to behold, as President-elect Joe Biden, Dr Jill Biden, vice president-elect Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff ascended the very steps that only two weeks previous, were swarmed with terrorists.

Bernie nailed Vermont dadcore, with his all-weather jacket and Argyle knit mittens. Arriving with a manilla envelope and cheque in hand, the inauguration was apparently, just one of things on his to-do list that day. Sat solo, on his socially distant seat, he was us all post-COVID, at the parties we said we were desperate to attend.

Kamala Harris was escorted into The Capitol by Eugene Goodman, the heroic Black police officer who deterred insurrectionists from entering the Senate floor on January 6. And Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice who inspired Harris’ career trajectory, swore her in – on Thurgood Marshall’s bible, no less. 

The podium wiper waged a fierce war on germs. What exactly the job description or previous experience required for this, we do not know.

Lady GaGa spawned 10,000 memes. 


JLo somehow managed to throw ‘let’s get loud’ into This Is Your Land the remix. The only thing missing was Pitbull.

The world was blown away by Amanda Gorman, the nation’s first national Poet Laureate, who delivered a powerful and poignant recital in a sunny as hell coat. The New York Times reported that when she was struggling with ‘The Hill We Climb’ it was the siege on The Capitol that propelled her to finish it. A true tour-de-force, what did you do at 22?

Three heavyweights dressed in purple: Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris. The colour serves as a metaphor for bipartisanship, is symbolic of the suffragettes, and was the campaign colour of Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to run for President in 1972. And with both the former FLOTUS and the new vice president wearing the designs of LA-based designer Sergio Hudson, there was yet more exposure for young designers. Gone are the ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do You?’ days.

Image | Shuttertsock

Doug’s Emhoff’s ex-wife Kerstin sat on stage with the other VIPs during the inauguration ceremony. A visible and vocal cheerleader of Madame Vice President, Harris’ ‘big, blended family’ prevails once more.

Mike Pence not only attended the ceremony, but clapped – albeit feebly. Not that Doug’s daughter Ella was impressed.

Country singer Garth Brooks hugged the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bush’s with no mask. Yes, no mask. Here's hoping he’s in good health.

Americans were given permission to feel proud again. Safe in the knowledge that President Biden, who’s now been part of two historic administrations, and whose speech was realistic, optimistic and sincere, is the right person to hit the reset button, starting with the most diverse cabinet in history. Is this what optimism feels like?

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