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With tracks from Lizzo, Kanye West and Calvin Harris, we recommend listening even when you’re not exercising


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There’s lots of reasons why people dislike January - the dark nights, the empty social calendar, the impending tax return, not to mention the fact some of us regrettably agreed to Dry January. According to data collected by Strava, the social fitness network that tracks exercise and activity, yesterday was ‘quitter’s day’ - the day we're most likely to quit our ‘get fit’ New Year’s resolutions. But just before you put down your trainers and pick up the TV remote, giving in to the idea that your walk to will suffice as enough exercise, Michelle Obama has revealed her workout playlist, encouraging you to stick at it. After all, the second series of Sex Education will still be there after you’ve found your soul at SoulCycle.

With recent tracks from Childish Gambino, to the all-time classic Lose my Breath by Destiny’s Child, the list unsurprisingly doesn’t disappoint. Maybe you’re training for a marathon, maybe you’re just walking your pooch, or maybe you're jogging to brunch because you're 20 minute late - either way, Obama’s list has a song to accompany you. For example, if you’re attempting press ups, let Cardi B’s Press motivate you. Feeling lonely as your gym buddy cancelled on you? Lizzo’s Soulmate will appease with lyrics like “Look up in the mirror like, “Damn, she the one.”

"if you’re attempting press ups, let Cardi B’s PRESS motivate you."

Amongst many of Obama’s passion projects and initiatives (just earlier this month she announced her documentary series, A Year of Firsts, with IGTV), she is also an advocate for getting fit. During her time as First Lady she kick-started her public health programme Let’s Move!, which had a promotional single and video with Beyonce titled Move your Body. The programme sought to tackle obesity in children and hoped to decrease childhood obesity by 5% by 2030. Obama has also taken to Instagram to share pictures of her mid-workout, making us all hope if Michelle Obama looks this good sweating, maybe so can we.

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