In the words of Shakespeare: If music be the food of love, play on

Emma Firth | 13.02.2020

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Lovin You, The Power Of Love, (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love You: An internet survey finds these usual suspects on many ‘Most Romantic Songs Of All Time’ lists. We’re not here to launch a hate campaign on these songs (especially if Elvis is involved), but our guess is they’ll likely be overplayed more times than Friends episodes on Dave come February 14th. Sometimes it can feel a little – much. Especially if you’re manifesting a PS. I Really Don’t Love You state of mind.

So, we called on DJ and fashion designer Elizabeth Ilsley to curate an alternative 17-song playlist exclusively for BURO. readers - an anti-Valentine’s playlist if you will. (“I'll have this playing in my kitchen on Friday night, when I'm having friends coming over for 'pre-drinks’ before we go out and forget all about Valentine’s Day”). Some highlights: that song you googled straight after watching Call Me By Your Name, Joy Division’s iconic tribute to a dying relationship and The Buzzcocks’ masterpiece that perfectly sums up the unruliness of attraction.

Explaining her top ‘will you be my anti-Valentine?’ choices, Elizabeth says: “Cate Le Bon, Baxter Dury, The Slits and Nick Cave are huge heroes of mine. I could've picked many of Cate Le Bon's anti-love, heartbreak songs but I chose Love Is Not Love for its lyrics: "I won't let you sing my name again." My favourite Tame Impala song is Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? They are by far my number one band (and this song is as wet and pathetic as I am therefore it's on the list [laughs]. Also, I’m His Girl by Friends is on there as Polyamory is a huge part of my friends' lives at the moment and this is a forgotten, sassy, important pop song.” TBH, whatever your relationship status this is just a damn good playlist to feel all the feels. 

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