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A postcard from The Isle Of Eroda, with Love from 'Harry Styles'

The setting of Harry Styles’ Adore You video is our next holiday destination. Thanks for the postcard Harry


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In his new video for song Adore You, Harry Styles adores smiling, a giant jewel-coated fish and the Isle of Eroda, where all the action takes place. He sent us a postcard. Kind of.

Dear BURO.

It’s nice here. OK, it’s a bit grey, and the island is shaped like a frown, but still I’m having a lovely time. Sally's tavern is great, I’m probably going to play there again on Saturday night, since I'm told the punters like the album, but you’d never know by looking at their faces. Most unresponsive audience since Saturday Night Live tbh. The Erodians call it resting fish face, I call it nothing a facial at Adorés Salon & Spa can’t fix.

Dinner at the Fisherman’s Pub was a highlight. Definitely can’t eat the fish, obviously, but the watermelon was exceptional.

If you come I’d make it around December 13th when you can hike the historic harbour road trail and see the way the water sparkles below. And you’ll feel the rush of wind lifting you as if you were literally in the centre of the world.

Quite missing home, the boys, my Gucci, the giant fish I formed a meaningful relationship with until I let him back into the sea to join his friends and family. Think I’ll head back home soon, too, need to prep wardrobe for my Fine Line 2020 tour, gotta book quirky mani. So adieu!

From Eroda with Love

‘Harry’ x

p.s. I adore you 



He took a holiday vid too, so thoughtful. Nice soundtrack...

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