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It was the $5.8 million Manhattan apartment that set Twitter ablaze. "I'm sorry but the fact that Gigi Hadid is ultra rich and decided to make her Manhattan apartment look like a student hostel chain is sending me," wrote one user. "Gigi Hadid’s house being ugly brings me comfort,” wrote another. But the resounding feeling, among the derision and consolation, was utter perplexment that such a beautiful creature could inhabit such an unattractive space.

There’s a lot going on in Gigi’s self-described “passion project/ dream spot”. No refuge from colour or chaos, the commitment to orange begs the question of a vitamin D deficiency. From the human-sized pen, and skis from different eras, to the pasta in the glass fronted kitchen cupboards, it’s like being on one giant acid trip. One that will doubtless send the impending baby into sensory overdrive.


In the spirit of making cutbacks (we are, after all, on the brink of global recession) the 26-year-old has forsaken a framer and handyman for her New Yorker covers in her bathroom, in favour of Blu Tack. The edges are already furled, and the rows are a bit skew, but if it was a toss-up between frames and a trough of snooker balls atop the kitchen counter, you’d no doubt do the same.

Really, we should celebrate Gigi’s resilience. Her resolve to employ colours brighter than the sun, in the face of her mother, whose own home is a masterclass in greige. She not only credits Yolanda as her “homemaking-sounding-board”, but also says that she “called her crazy when required”. Suggesting that these were some of Gigi’s more pedestrian ideas, the model clearly hasn’t fallen into the trappings of celebrity show homes devoid of idiosyncratic flair. And what’s both refreshing and rarefied is that she doesn’t traffic in the of-the-moment trends. No really, not one.

It’s unclear whether an Instagram carousel was the preferred method of reveal, or if she'd have preferred a centrefold spread in Architectural Digest like best friend Kendall Jenner. Jenner’s home, all rustic wood, patterned tiles and cavernous space, obligated something grandiose. And it was received well. To rapturous applause, actually. Perhaps professional pictures shot in flattering lighting featured in a heavyweight design magazine would hush Gigi's critics.

Snooping on other people's interiors via Zoom has been one win of lockdown -  celebrities included. And though the internet's reaction to Gigi's has been a frenzied steam of shock, we'd all gladly move in, if push came to shove. Admit it. 

Images | gigihadid

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