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The Craft Reboot: Everything You Need To Know

Your favourite 90s cult classic is set to be released towards to end of the month


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what is it about?

The Craft: Legacy is a remake of the cult 1996 horror movie about four teenage girls (played by Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Rachel True, and Fairuza Balk) who have supernatural powers, practice witchcraft, and, accidentally, lose control over it. This version, according to a synopsis in Production Weekly, is “a remake of the 1996 supernatural teen thriller. When starting at a new school, Hannah befriends Tabby, Lourdes, and Frankie and quickly becomes the fourth member of their Clique. Hannah soon learns that she somehow brings great power to the quartet.”

who stars in it?

Cailee Spaeny from Bad Times at the El Royale plays witchy outcast Hannah, who moves in with her mum's new partner and his three sons, and starts at a new school. She is joined by three rising actresses; Gideon Adlon (Blockers), Lovie Simone (Greenleaf), and Zoey Luna (Pose), who play her newfound coven friends. Elsewhere, Michelle Monaghan stars as Hannah’s mother, and David Duchovny as her stepdad.


for fans of...

Directed by and written by Band Aid director Zoe Lister-Jones, the sequel references the original movie (including that iconic tagline: “we are the weirdos”). If you like horror movies, with a sprinkling of humour and gothic glam garb, The Craft: Legacy is a must-see. A nostalgia fix for those craving the screen magic a la Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy et al.


You can watch it online on all digital streaming platforms from October 28. A perfect option for a cosy (at-home) Halloween weekend. Watch the trailer here.

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