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Stevie Martin’s Feelgood Guide

The comedian and ‘Nobody Panic’ podcaster shares her joy-sparking formula – involving Harry Potter and Hobbycraft


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Life has given you lemons, what do you do? Make lem- Ah yes, positive thinking. Of course, when it comes to seeing the brighter side, we all need a helping hand. With that in mind, welcome to our new virtual comedy club, where we ask some of our favourite breakout female comics to share what makes them feel good - from films, songs, podcasts and much more.

Ever scrolled through your phone at 4am and wanted to cry? Is the idea of going a full hour without worrying about something unfeasible? Are you worrying about how much you’re worrying right now? If yes to one or all of the above, Stevie Martin is here to tell you you’re doing just fine, and the internet is a weird and wonderful place, so should be handled with care (and a heady dose of humour) at all times. Her most recent sold out show at the Soho Theatre, entitled Hot Content, explored the hilarious depths one goes to to curate a virtual persona. In a similar vein, her wildly popular podcast, Nobody Panic (which she co-hosts with fellow comic Tessa Coates) is a guidebook to navigating adulthood without screaming. Comfortingly diving into many a millennial woe – like, um, how to not panic and how to cope with your housemates in isolation. From Harry Potter to Hobbycraft, scroll down to enjoy Stevie’s feel-good formula. Over to you Stevie.



It has to be the one where the woman is screaming crying and pointing, while her friend holds her back and a cat is looking back at her at a dinner table. Surely? It’s so versatile. It makes me laugh every time, regardless of whether I’ve understood the context or not.


My mum. The other day she woke up with hair stuck up like a Mr Whippy ice cream and was sad because she couldn’t find something that looked like a flake to stick in it to send a photo. She’s a lot of fun.


The Harry Potter films in order, for nostalgic purposes. Or something short and binge-worthy like The Outsider. I just watched that actually and didn’t know it was Stephen King because I am an idiot and thought it was going to be a crime thing. Of course, by the time I found out it was horror, I was too invested in the story and needed to know what happened at the end so watched most of it from the hallway with a pillow over my face. Less cheering - more diverting.


My podcast Nobody Panic is my favourite because I get to learn new life skills every week and genuinely have become a much more level-headed human being. Also, the Beef And Dairy Network Podcast, it’s so funny.


My tortoise. She is so busy all the time, getting stuck in things, climbing up other things, but whenever I’m sad I just have a look at her, and it perks me back up. Also, recently I found a ‘paint-your-own-toucan’ I bought as a joke from Hobbycraft and painted it and good lord it gave me a boost.


Confusing because it’s different for everyone. When I light a scented candle, nothing happens in my heart and soul, so for a while I thought I was just terrible at self-care. I get very hot in baths and have to get out after five minutes. It took me to the age of 30 to work out what constitutes as self-care for me and that is: go to the gym, read a book and look at my tortoise. Or paint a toucan.


I recently watched The Karate Kid again and that lifted my spirits no end. I think any sports film is inherently uplifting because you’ve got the big fight or tournament or whatever at the end, and they’ve got to overcome adversity. Like Creed and Creed 2: Oh wow, those films really made me happy…Michael B Jordan is the best.

The Instagram account i look at when i'm feeling sad

I have muted every human being on my feed (including best friends and family) and only follow Instagram hashtags like #ducklife which is just loads of ducks, #animalsdoingthings and #dogs. My mental health has improved significantly - although now I’m desperate for a duck as a pet which would be difficult in London.

If i were a 'Friends' character, i would be...

Ugh growing up everyone would say I was a Phoebe. I don’t not like Phoebe, I’m just clearly harbouring some feelings about being constantly called a Phoebe. Which actually probably means I’m not a Phoebe, because Phoebe is happy being Phoebe. I actually think I am the most like Ross. I am very neurotic, not very fun and once got stuck in leather pants. I got out using olive oil.

if i had to describe my instagram account in three words?

Agh, ugh, argh.

The best and worst thing about group video chats?

The best thing is that it gives you a reason to put a fancy top on. By fancy, I just mean 'a top'. The worst thing is having to psychically know when someone else is going to speak, so you don’t speak over them and constantly having to go: “Sorry, who was that question directed at?” Which is fine in a work video chat but when you’re trying to have a social, wine chat in the evening with friends this is far too much admin. I’ve put all my energy into the top. I can’t be expected to be a referee/psychic too.

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