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Mae Martin’s Feel Good Guide

The Canadian comic and actor shares her joy-sparking formula, including re-watching Spice World and going rogue on Houseparty


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Life has given you lemons, what do you do? Make lem- Ah yes, positive thinking. Of course, when it comes to seeing the brighter side, we all need a helping hand. With that in mind, welcome to our new virtual comedy club, where we ask some of our favourite breakout female comics to share what makes them feel good - from films, songs, podcasts and much more.

Feel Good Trailer | Via YouTube

Seeking your next self-isolation TV binge? A modern-day romantic comedy that will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy inside? Enter: Feel Good. A new series from Toronto-born, London-based stand-up Mae Martin, which she writes and stars in, and easily one of the best things you’ll watch on your small screen this year. It is devastating, raucously funny, and masterfully written (“I can usually cum from just thinking about the musical Chicago,” is just a brief dialogue preview). From re-watching Spice World to going rogue on Houseparty, scroll down to enjoy Mae’s feel-good formula. Over to you Mae.

my favourite meme

I think it's a photograph of a little girl holding an owl in the air with a very strong determined look on her face. But I don't know if that counts as a meme.

the person who makes me laugh the most

My friend Sabrina Jalees who keeps Facetiming me from LA doing different characters and voices including: her own personal assistant, a woman called Biji who is a magician, and someone who is inexplicably very angry at me.


i need cheering up, so i'll stream...

For some reason all I can focus on right now is erotic thrillers from the 90s, like Basic Instinct, etc. They're all very problematic but they are keeping my attention.

my #1 feel-good podcast

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. Conan is one of the top three funniest people in the world, and an amazing interviewer, and all the guests he has on are all the people I want to hear from: Martin Short, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Paul Reubens etc. I laugh out loud listening to it. Also, My Favourite Murder. Obsessed.

an unusual thing that instantly elevates my mood

I've just got back into Hackysack, like a 14-year-old skateboarder. Nobody in the UK knows what it is, but I play in the courtyard of my apartment. Maybe someone will see me through the window and be like "that kid's got talent!" and sign me up to some sort of professional league, I don't know. I'm not very good at it.

self-care is 

Not beating yourself up when you can't do the classic "self-care" things (meditation, exercise, etc). Cycles of guilt are not good so if you have a day when you can only eat cheese and watch TV that's fine - we're living in very crazy times.

my desert island TV show

I've been re-watching This Country on BBC and loving it. But if I had to pick one then maybe The Muppet Show.

The song that makes me happiest

The whole second half of Abbey Road by The Beatles. The opening moments of She Came In Through the Bathroom Window makes my heart feel good.

most uplifting film(s)? 

Hocus Pocus, Stand by Me, Spice World...these are the films that are woven into my DNA.

The Instagram account i look at when i'm feeling sad

Megan Stalter's account is pure gold.

If i were a 'Friends' character, i would be...

As if the answer could be anything other than Gunther. Of course, I'm Gunther.

if i had to describe my own Instagram account

Self-promotion induced guilt and paranoia?

The best and worst thing about group video chats?

Best thing is surprising friends by answering naked, worst thing is the regret that follows.

Feel Good is available to stream here on All 4 and available globally on Netflix.

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