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Apparently – defying all predictions that single people in the nascent post-pandemic era would be particularly horny – Love Island is currently somewhat lacklustre. But while the 2021 season may (or may not) become more interesting as it bores on, what we can always rely on to entertain us is TikTok. It has an array of aesthetic tribes to assess anthropologically. Hacks to give you healthier hair, a better life, happier houseplants, much improved meals and makeup – anything, really. Even hacks that simply make you more beautiful. But most entertaining of all are the ones about Love Island. Here are the absolute best.

Who can be surprised that water signs (the emotional ones) make up the largest percentage of Love Island contestants? Or that one of the only couples to have stayed together are both Cancers? Whether or not you believe in astrology, there’s no debate that this TikTok – created by the aptly named account Astro Data – deserves a Nobel Prize based on sheer effort alone.

The IBS! The swimming costume that doesn’t require an awkward date with some molten wax! At last, a relatable Love Island contestant.


It is telling that while we now have no recollection of who that male contestant is, we still adore Maura precisely for this iconic moment. The backstory – as one comment explains – is this: “[s]he’s mad that he said that in front of the boys because it’s disrespectful to talk about potential intimacy before it even happens”. Indeed. Watch it for instant empowerment.

We love Amy Hart, but it must be said that declarations of love are probably not best made with a snarl.

It’s no secret that Love Island is very hetero – hilariously so, in fact, if this TikTok has anything to do with it. Watching the Pixi and CeraVe products being cast aside in favour of a single Bulldog moisturiser is particularly difficult, though.

Let it be known that she is not a Tory.

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