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Streaming Wars: Apple TV+ VS Netflix

Netflix and its new streaming rival battle it for the most binge-worthy watches. Olivia Colman aside, who will reign on our small screens this autumn?


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The merino wool jumper collection is mounting, you’re thinking about how many weekends it is until Christmas and, yes, you’re already plotting your 2020 getaway for some much-needed sun. It’s happened: #sadgirlautumn has arrived. The good news? Duvet days have never been more appealing, as Netflix and its new streaming rival - Apple TV+, launching in November - are pulling out all the stops in the binge-worthy department. From literary icons gone wild to Oscar-tipped gangster dramas (two words: Martin Scorsese), BURO. is here to serve you the most hyped TV and film drops to bookmark now from both camps. Say goodbye to a healthy social life this winter…


The Crown

Now in her 50s, Queen Elizabeth, played by the imitable Olivia Colman, is feeling a bit lost, grappling with the decline of Britain in 1977...and her own family drama. It’s somewhat comforting to see that even Her Majesty The Queen suffers from the odd bout of imposter syndrome. Elsewhere, A+ casting Helena Bonham Carter (who contacted Princess Margaret's ghost to get her permission to play her in the series). Also, she is now our winter muse. Wearing a tiara in the bath? We’re into it.

Available to stream: On Netflix from November 17th


Love bookish podcasts? The queen of chat, Oprah, interviews the world’s most compelling authors (first up: Ta-Nehisi Coates), with the aim of building a vibrant, global book club community.

Available to stream: On AppleTV+ from November 1


The Irishman

The gangster biopic centres around Robert De Niro as mob hitman Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran, who recalls the disappearance of legendary union boss Jimmy Hoffa. Martin Scorsese’s cinematic tour de force - which spans decades - is already being tipped for an Oscar nom. Just a little word to the wise: it’s nearly three and a half hours long. So, block out a Sunday afternoon, put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy a sofa session with De Niro and the gang.

Available to stream: On Netflix from November 27th


Starring Rupert Grint, the new series from M. Night Shyamalan follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a ‘mysterious force’ to enter their home. 1. ) Expect twists. 2.) Definitely don’t expect to sleep soundly after watching this. If you’re ‘recommended’ watch-list mostly consists of unsettling psychological thrillers and horrors (guilty), Servant is suitably terrifying.

Available to stream: On Apple TV+ from November 1st


Earthquake Bird

She’s played a CIA agent, a robot and one of the most famous action heroes, now Alicia Vikander’s latest role is just as riveting in this Ridley Scott-produced neo-noir. Set in 1980s Tokyo, the film follows a young female expat (Vikander), who is suspected of murder when her friend Lily goes missing in the wake of their love triangle with a local photographer. In summary: Creepy AF.

Available to stream: On Netflix from November 15th

The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston! Reese Witherspoon! Steve Carrel! What’s not to love? This new drama deals with gender conflicts both in front of and behind the cameras of a morning television news show. According to the director, Mimi Leder, TMS ‘deals with ‘#MeToo and Time’s Up movements and women in power.’ This is not to be missed.

Available to stream: On Apple TV+ from November 1st

THE young hollywood special


The legendary poet Emily Dickinson gets a punk makeover in a new comedy series that explores the constraints of society, gender and family from the perspective of rebellious young writer, played by Hailee Steinfeld. Set in the 19th century, as per the show’s synopsis: ‘Dickinson is a coming-of-age story that finds Emily Dickinson to be an unexpected hero for our millennial era.’ Think Pride and Prejudice meets The Runaways.

Available to stream: On Apple TV+ from November 1st


One for Timothée Chalamet fans - who isn’t, really? - and storylines about reluctant royals. A bit Game of Thrones-y. Read: lots of scandal, fight scenes and toxic masculinity. Oh, and medieval #hairspo in abundance.

Available to stream: On Netflix from November 1st



Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

The Fab Five are back, hurrah! Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo and Tan, will bring their expertise to Tokyo, working with Kiko Mizuhara as their guide in every episode and Naomi Watanabe as special guest comedian to spread some joy and help four Japanese men and women find the confidence to be themselves. TV. Comfort. Food.

Available to stream: On Netflix from November 1


Devoured Amazon Prime’s Modern Love series in one sitting? This one’s for you. Inspired by the true stories featured in Epic Magazine, Little America (from husband-wife writing duo Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon) goes behind the headlines to look at the humorous, heartfelt, inspiring and surprising stories of immigrants in America.

Available to stream: Coming soon to Apple TV+


If you’re all about fact over fiction, here’s our pick of the best documentaries to stream now on Netflix…


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