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Because any mention of the 'Second American Civil War' requires some accompanying light relief


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If you thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any more tumultuous, you clearly forgot it would end with the US presidential election. No, this wasn’t ‘unprecedented’ in the way that coronavirus was, but when the incumbent President is widely vilified yet inexplicably in office, it can feel just as fraught. You can always count on social media, however, to bring humour and humanity to misery. As references to the ‘second American Civil War’ amount on Twitter, so do the memes. Here are the best social media reactions to the proceedings:


Ranging from banana bread to the publicist of the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the vice presidential debate, Jordan Firstman’s impressions have been a constant source of joy throughout 2020. Here, he plays a pleading God on the eve of the election – though potentially to no avail.



No Instagram account combines pop culture with politics quite like @sainthoax does. Whether it’s subtitling Melania Trump to reference her husband as ‘Auntie Gay’ or painting Lady Gaga as that notorious fly, you’ll be laughing and scrolling simultaneously.


Unrivalled in their irreverence, the team behind @patiasfantasyworld deal solely in content that’ll either have you double-tapping with vigour or spluttering in shock – but that’s what makes the whole enterprise so addictively hilarious. Coming to prominence at the height of this year’s Black Lives Matter protests, and a Black-owned business itself, the account does not shy away from the racial implications of the US presidential election in its posts – and nor should it. Follow them for a fresh perspective.


Sebastian Tribbie has been on the funny side of Instagram for a while now. He chose election night specifically to get engaged, so that it would be ‘THE BEST DAY OF [his] LIFE REGARDLESS’ of the results. Beforehand, there was this meme that plainly illustrated how painful politics had become for a lot of Americans – even if Joe Biden did win.


As outspoken as she is famous, Cardi B endorsed Bernie Sanders before he lost the Democratic nomination to Joe Biden. Her response to the seemingly Republican dominance of the polls echoes that of those who sought to dump Trump throughout America.

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