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Who Is the Meghan Markle Medium?

The sassy Prince George personality by Gary Janetti is breaking Meghan Markle’s news, one Instagram revelation at a time.


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How brazenly ‘Prince George’ announced his aunt Meghan Markle’s pregnancy on Instagram to the collective pleasure of around 50,000 likers. ‘I KNEW SHE WAS FUCKING PREGNANT!’ he said, alongside a picture of the Duchess of Sussex with that familiar hand cradling that familiar (imaginary?) bump. Quite a mouth on the little prince, eh?

If you don’t know and love Gary Janetti by now, leave this page and follow his Instagram account immediately. He’s the author and real personality behind the spoof Prince George personality that loves to hate the new addition to The Family Meghan Markle, revels in the rivalry between her and his mother Kate, and sasses all over the sartorial choices of his various royal cousins and in-laws. In a word, he is the perfect click-bait antidote. A conduit to the royals who says what we’re all thinking, and if this latest revelation is anything to go by, might possibly have his finger on the pulse. Or hand on the bump even.

Because Janetti’s comments blew up. ‘Didn’t we all?’ they drawl in response to his knowing caption. ‘Heard it here first’ were some others. So, do we need to follow Gary for his royal news revelations? Do we care? (Yes we do is the answer, you cynics, the world bloody loves and needs a royal baby news break).

Credit to ‘George’ he called it a while ago with a teaser post ‘Oh shit, the hands are up again’. The internet is hedging its bets. Meghan is placing her hands. Archie is six months old, which makes this rumour entirely feasible. Please let it be so, don’t we get a national holiday or something?

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Do You Mind If I Cancel? By Gary Janetti

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