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Real life Hustlers character, Samantha Barbash, is suing J-Lo’s production company for £30million


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Jennifer Lopez’s production company, Nuyorican Productions, is being sued for $40m (around £30m) by Samantha Barbash, the woman the Hustlers film is based on. Divulging Barbash’s true life story as a stripper, she said she was approached multiple times by the production company but never formally gave her consent, commenting that “J.Lo wouldn’t work for free. Why would I? I’m a businesswoman.”

The story sees J-Lo’s character, Ramona, lead a group of New York strippers into drugging and robbing Wall Street bankers after the fall of the 2008 stock exchange, making it possibly the revenge plot of the century. It was adapted by American journalist Jessica Pressler for New York Magazine in 2015, and was then quickly snapped up as a potential film.

Barbash claims that the film’s portrayal of Ramona “using and manufacturing illegal substances in her home where she lived with her child” is “offensive and untrue.” She is therefore pursuing $20 million in compensatory damages, and a further $20 million for punitive damages to the film’s production companies, according to TMZ.

Adding to this, Barbash claims that the other production company, STX Entertainment, were sent notice in September 2019 by her legal team for replicating her identity and personality - didn’t your mother tell you, Samantha? Mockery is the highest form of flattery, darling.

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