Inside Google Stadia: the Netflix of the Gaming World

Google's latest cloud-based service hopes to revolutionise the gaming industry

Shannon Mahanty | 02.12.2019

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Last week, Google launched Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming service which allows users to play games through their TVs without needing a separate console, and it's already garnering Netflix comparisons for its speed, ease and functionality.

Using Google's pre-existing cloud to stream the games, the service allows users to be able to play a game as soon as it's purchased, with no need to install or update. As a result, Stadia is on track to shake up the gaming world. 

It marks Google's first real venture into the rapidly growing world of gaming, an industry that a recent report from Global Data found could become worth $300 billion dollars by 2025.


With the rise of technology like Stadia and its more traditional rivals PS4 and Nintendo, gaming is becoming ever more instant and accessible. While for years the industry has widely skewed towards men, more women are turning their hands to the controllers, with women now accounting for almost 50% of gamers. 

Will Stadia revolutionise the gaming industry? The jury is still out. At £119 it's cheaper than the latest Playstation and Nintendo consoles. But while the technology has been praised, Stadia launched with just 22 games, and some users have criticised its lack of variety. Whatever becomes of Stadia, it's clear that gaming is more culturally relevant to a greater demographic than ever before. Ready, player one? 


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