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Kanye wears a Laura Dern T-shirt, Rihanna wears Princess Diana, but what does it all mean?


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“I’m really grateful.” This is how Big Little Lies star and all-round saint Laura Dern responded to the news that Kanye recently wore a picture of her face. Emblazoned across a Raf Simons FW19 long sleeved t-shirt, the face in question was a still of Dern taken from the 1986 cult David Lynch film, Blue Velvet. Speaking on The Ellen DeGenerous Show last night, she explained, “he actually gave me a tiny bit of cred in my household of teenagers.”

While Kanye might be a (self-professed) pioneer, a high-fashion innovator, his sartorial decision taps into a longstanding history of celebrities who like to adorn their bodies with the faces of other celebrities. Perplexed by this trend, we’ve decided to unpack five instances of famous face-on-face.

Case 1: Rihanna

Wearing: Princess Diana

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In wearing a Diana tribute t-shirt by (or at least in the style) of cult internet brand, Homage Tees, the Bajan popstar is aligning herself herself with the ultimate peoples princess. And why shouldn’t she? Like Diana throughout the eighties and nineties, Rihanna sets the agenda when it comes to style in 2019. Both pop and royal princesses boast a massive legacy, loyal following and have reached almost mythic fashion icon status, all while simultaneously redefining the idea of royalty.


Case 2: Andrew Garfield

Wearing: Michael J Fox

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No subliminal messaging at play here. Andrew Garfield just realy loves Michael Fox. In an interview earlier this year he told Empire Magazine, “ I'm an '80s kid, and '80s movies are really my jam. Anything with Michael J. Fox in it, from Teen Wolf to Secret Of My Success, to The Hard Way. Do you know that movie, The Hard Way? It's the fucking best.”

Case 2: Halle Berry + Paris Jackson

Wearing: They both wore the same Michelle Obama t!

If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you wear your political icon on your t-shirt, as Halle and Paris know with their excellent, “Michelle My Belle” number. See also: Rihanna wearing Hilary Clinton’s face.

Case 4: Ryan Gosling and McCauley Culkin

Wearing: McCauley Culkin and Ryan Gosling

Unless you were calling the nether side of a rock your home for the majority of 2014, you can’t have missed the Inception-style madness of Ryan Gosling wearing a McCauley Culkin t-shirt, which McCauley Culkin then got made into a t-shirt, and we all know what happened next. The meta trend continued through 2014 to present day (take Justin Bieber and Saved By the Bell’s Tiffani Amber Thiessen), however, it’s not to be confused with celebrities who wear their own face, a whole different occurrence popularised by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Samuel L Jackson and Nicholas Cage. Ahh celebrities, they really are just like us.

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