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Or a vlog series or a book, apparently...


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It's been nearly four years since Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) was arrested for infiltrating the upper echelons of New York, fooling everyone into thinking she was a multimillionaire, conning not only friends but banks and luxury hotels out of more than $220,000. Released from prison last week, you'd be forgiven for thinking she'd slope off into the background, humiliated and shamed, but no, her new Twitter bio reads: "I am back."

And this time she's got her sights set on influencerdom. It started with a live stream on Instagram, of her and her bestie in the bath in a hotel suite on Valentine's Day, drinking rosé and ordering room service, just like the old days. Then came the announcement of Anna Delvey TV, a vlog series that will document her every move. “I just got out of prison, like two days ago. So it's is like me getting all this stuff from Sephora, me opening a bank account as soon as I get permission from my parole officer. I'm going to see my parole officer on Tuesday for the first time. Things like that. It's a way to control what I want to tell.” But why? In an interview with The Insider the fake heiress said that too many people were trying to tell her story and that this way, she can reclaim the narrative. Fortuitously, it comes before the release of Netflix's Inventing Anna, a 10-part series based on that New York Magazine article.


Other plans of hers include publishing a book on the justice system and her time spent in prison, because as a recent tweet states “[she] write[s] better shit from a prison cell in a day than some of these bitches with fifty editors do in a year.” And ever productive, she completed it during her time in the correctional facility. “I feel like so much stuff that's out there, it's just focused on how cruel prisons are, or whatever. This was not my experience at all,” said the fake heiress. “My point is basically going to be like the pointlessness of the whole thing. They just wasted everyone's time and money”.

One has to question her motives, though considering her crime and her obsession with money, it's not hard to see why she's not going away just yet After paying off her debts, she'll reportedly have $ 110 000 from her Netflix deal, which is just the kind of savvy move that got her here in the first place. The fact that she might actually make a lucrative career out of her lies, well... that's Anna Delvey for you. 

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