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The Pantone shade of the year is here, and it’s a bit ‘meh’

Although we’re not sold on Classic Blue being the colour of 2020, there’s a few things in the Pantone shade that we don’t mind investing in


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Pantone has announced its colour for 2020 and it’s…drumroll please.... Classic Blue.

Pantone has gone poetic on us, suggesting that in a time of social and political disruption and importance placed on environmental issues that it evokes the evening sky, it alludes to the world’s oceans… but to us it’s just a blown-up Violet Beauregarde as a blueberry.

Pantone’s ‘It-colours’ forecasts trends in all creative spheres, from fashion to interiors and is a reference point for global culture. For the first time ever, Pantone has celebrated the colour reveal with a multi-sensory experience that includes a soundscape, blue-tinged cocktails with a taste of sweet berry, a velvet fabric and a fragrance created by Firmenich. The hope was to demonstrate that colours are more than visual, but can also be expressed through taste, texture, scent and sound. But do we really want to taste the colour blue? Do we need to smell where sea and sky meet? Do we really want to feel blue?

Although we’re not too sure on it, there are some things in Classic Blue that we can get on board with. For one, a really great pair of jeans. Also, we wouldn’t mind eating our Classic Blue food off of Burleigh’s blue printed plates. Or switching on our blue Jarapa lamp so we can see all the Classic Blue items in all their glory.

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