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From Disney vlogs to Legally Blonde, check out the comic's joy-sparking formula


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Life has given you lemons, what do you do? Make lem- Ah yes, positive thinking. Of course, when it comes to seeing the brighter side, we all need a helping hand. With that in mind, welcome to our new virtual comedy club, where we ask some of our favourite breakout female comics to share what makes them feel good - from films, songs, podcasts and much more.

In need of some light relief? I urge you to take a gander at Helen Bauer’s Twitter feed. From proclaiming “I want to give a massive shout out to people who have long hair in action films for wearing it down. I tie my hair up to eat crisps,” to strong views on reality TV, Jennifer Aniston and Jacqueline Wilson: she gives good quote. The 2018 BBC New Comedy Award Finalist also co-hosts Daddy Look At Me podcast, probing guests like Joe Lycett to Sofie Hagen on how they have found themselves entertaining for a living ("It takes a certain type of person to work in showbiz, and often it was clear from the start that they were destined to end up on stage.") From Disney vlogs to Legally Blonde, scroll down to enjoy Helen’s feel-good formula. Over to you Helen.


my favourite meme

I am basic to my core. So anything puppy, kitten or duckling-related, that looks like it's waving, saying "Hello Friend", and I am done.

the person who makes me laugh the most

My ex for saying he didn’t love me anymore. It’s like "LOL, what!?" Good one. Still makes me laugh five years later. And my buddy Emma for unironically framing a Taylor Swift quote.

i need cheering up, so i'll stream 

Disneyland Vlogs on YouTube. I know I should be watching something life changing and artistic, but people going to the magical kingdom and getting all excited makes my heart melt. I cannot get enough of it. I went with a couple of mates at the end of last year and cannot over state how much fun we had. I met Snow White and cried my eyes out with joy, even though on reflection she was a bit too chirpy and condescending - maybe she was just having a bad day?

#1 feel-good podcast 

A Musical is pure art. It’s by the amazing Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Jayde Adams and Dave Cribb. They have a different guest each week and discuss their favourite three songs and all things musical theatre. It is a true delight every time.

the one Unusual thing that instantly elevates my mood

I am a jigsaw puzzle obsessive. Since the lockdown I have started ‘Helens World of Puzzles’, and despite being a creative it turns out that this is the biggest passion project I have ever had in my life.

self-care is...

In general great for the world but as soon as we all start officially putting ourselves first the world will fall apart even more. We have to take care of each other too. Basically: do a face mask, but also still make time for friends and family and the most vulnerable amongst us. 

my desert island TV show

Dance Moms. It’s got it all: dance, great costumes, arguing moms and a pushy dance teacher. I pretty much survive by watching anything and everything on TLC (The Learning Channel) - it is the best place for trash TV and I love it. 

The song that makes me happiest

The Circle of Life from The Lion King. 

The most uplifting film 

Legally Blonde - I feel like I should not have to explain this as it is such an iconic film. It is so funny and uplifting. Elle Woods makes you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to (apart from go outside).

The Instagram account i look at when i'm feeling sad

DILFs of Disneyland. It goes without saying this is one of the best Instagram accounts ever created - it's literally just ridiculously good looking dads hanging out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

If i were a Friends character, i would be

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