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Everything you need to know, and nothing you don't about the treatment touted to shade and define lips


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What is lip blushing?

A cosmetic procedure called lip blushing, which is basically like tattooing for your lips to create a natural-looking tint, more definition, shape and fullness, and it’s supposed to last for up to two years.

What WAS THE process?

When I arrived at Karen Betts’ Harley Street clinic, numbing cream was applied pretty much straight away (tingly, tasted disgusting!) It took approximately half an hour to kick in, so a consultation was done in the interim. Karen talked me through the process, asked me what kind of results I was looking for. Anything that doesn’t resemble 90s lip liner, I replied. She then mixed up different shades of pink, to create a bespoke colour that best suited my complexion.

Ok, seeing my lips in the mirror for the first time was a little shocking. They were so dark, and they continued to stay this dark for approximately 3 - 5 days, a period that in the middle of which, they began to shed, and shed, and shed. Think sore, daren’t open my mouth too wide in case you hear an audible crack lips. I smothered them in balm, to no avail. Temporarily, it wasn’t the best look.

With ink, a gun, and repetitive jabbing, it sounded - and felt - as though I was getting a tattoo. Read: painful. Tears immediately swelled my eyes, but after another dose of numbing cream, and some fist-clenching tenacity, it was fine - a good job too, because the whole thing lasted approximately one and a half hours.


Six weeks later I went back for a top up. There wasn't much unnecessary clinic time though, as they posted the numbing cream to me beforehand. And despite me being liberal in my application, the second appointment topped the pain stakes tenfold. Perhaps because my lips were still so sensitive?

And the results?

In hindsight, I didn’t go dark enough. Probably for fear of looking like Atomic Kitten’s forth long-lost member? My lip colour hasn't changed properly, but when I wear lipstick, however, the colour is punchier and lasts longer. For someone whose lipstick wardrobe is comprised of pinks and nudes, I don’t know if it’s worth it. If dark statement lips are a signature, however, it's a no brainer.

The damage?

From £495

Want in?

Suite 5, 1 Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 9QD


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