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The Greatest glow-giving moisturiser

Sophie’s hero glowy moisturiser might become your hero glowy moisturiser. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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Sophie Beresiner

Beauty & Style Director


I have a strange relationship with illuminating cream. With illuminating cream and moisturisers, in fact. And primers and cell rejuvenating serums and foundation and anything that threatens to clog a pore just by being near it. It was a bout of self diagnosed adult acne - I read you only need three active spots at one time to qualify - at age 26 (very common age for skin to freak out actually), and since then I consider myself ‘reactive’. Sensitive is too specific, cystic is definitely too strong, but put a formula on my face that my skin isn’t used to and boom. Chin squatter. Stay for at least a week, makes a mess of the place, ruins my social calendar etc.

As a rule I have avoided - and obviously, therefore, lacked - an all-over glow this whole time. What is my skincare of choice you ask? Well it comes with a caveat, it is expensive, but I’m lucky that I was sent it by a friend-in-high-place and boom! Bank account annihilator, forever doomed to spend £205 twice a year as long as Augustinus Bader The Cream is in production (don’t ever leave me, please).

Augustinus Bader is foremost a bio-medical scientist who worked with burns victims, and so the story goes that he discovered a trigger for skin to heal and rejuvenate itself, named it (Trigger Factor Complex), bottled it, caused hysteria among reactive beauty editors like me and the rest is cult cream history.

"Could it be? The holiest of holy skin grails?"


Illuminating cream on the other hand is trickier. Currently I add some BECCA Backlight Priming Filter to my cheekbones only. I dabbled with Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Morning Aura (the woman is so invested and knowledgable about her products), which was frankly worthy of its cult status, but sold out quickly and was more makeup than cream for me. Glossier Futuredew is exceptional, but the serum oil element freaks my chin out.

So lo. A sample package landed on my desk today. Could it be? The holiest of holy skin grails? Victoria Beckham (knows her stuff, loves her stuff, I love her stuff) by Augustinus Bader (most miraculous skin magician of recent years). Oh yes.

Victoria’s first foray into skincare, this Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser, £92, has the Augustinus TFC8 technology, and it has Victoria’s clean ingredient approach - “Harper is 8 years old and wants to know about sustainability too. She’ll always pick up a product and say ‘is this safe shampoo mummy?’”

Cell Rejuvinating Priming Moisturiser sort of sounds like it doesn’t quite know what it’s doing yet, but it so does.

I keep turning my face in the light to check the natural glow. "Sophie you look so nice today, did someone do your makeup?" (Slightly backhanded but I’ll take it!). And so, unto us a new classic is born. Glowy, primed, moisturised skin from a healing, soothing and cellular life-affirming cream. My chin has spoken. It’s only just out but it’s going to be extra-ordinary.


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