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Choccies? Pah! Yourself? Not allowed. This Mother’s Day is for beauty…


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It’s Mother’s Day? You did remember, didn’t you? Whoever plays a motherly role in your life, whether it’s your actual mum, your grandma, an adoptive or unofficial mum, they deserve to know you’re thinking of them, and that if the circumstances allowed, you’d be round theirs, with a bunch of daffs in one hand and a Victoria sponge in the other, smiling and ready to issue compliments and cuddles (horrid word).

They don’t need any more mugs with naff messages on. Or signs about dreaming, dancing or being on the gin and tonic diet. Flowers, while predictable, are good – we’ll give you that, but best of all are beauty bits. Stuff that gives them reason to stop what they're doing, sit back and kick their slippers off. 

Clarins Radiance Collection, £78

It is an unassailable fact that all mums love Clarins. Next time you’re in Duty Free (ha ha!) look behind the precarious pyramid of Toblerone and there’ll be a select committee of Clarins devotees, smothering lotion up to their elbows. For that reason, this kit will remind them of holidays and make them look as if they've been on one.


Spring x Wildsmith Gift Box, £120

The contents of this box: a cook book, some chewy almond biscuits and two masterful Wildsmith products, are all, in someway, linked to the stonkingly good restaurant that is Spring London. The Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm is magic.

Moment of Restful Sleep, £38

She tells you often about her sleep. In fact you probably could sit an A Level in it. It’s gotten better recently now that grandma’s had both jabs, but it’s still patchy. No worries though because with scents so strong they knock you out, if she uses everything in this set at once, things are bound to improve.

Yellow Hibiscus Cologne, £105

If the bordering-on-art bottle doesn’t swing it, then the fresh, floral and juicy scent of summer inside will. A reminder that by the time the sun shines in June, her house will be heaving, filled with all the family.

ELEMIS x Olivia Rubin Pro-Collagen Rose & Relax Duo, £55

A rainbow-bright collab featuring everyone’s favourite pro-collagen, skin-enhancing mist, and a candle, for when Boris is addressing the nation and the mist just isn’t enough.

Loewe Small Ivy Candle, £70

The Daddy of candles. If she can bring herself to light it, her front room will be flooded with the delicious freshness of a garden centre. Then she can put her pens in it, next to the notepad and the landline on the table in the hall.

La Mer Lip Balm, £52

Give someone a good lip balm and they’ll be forever in your debt. OK, this isn’t cheap (she’s probably got coats that cost less), but it’s very good at what it does and it feels mega special. If this doesn’t improve the mundanity of the next two months then nothing will. Go on.

Le Labo Baie 19 Perfume Oil, £105

She’s not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom, and a cool mom, likes her perfume from Le Labo, and dispensed via a pipette. A spray is so passé.

Susanne Kaufmann Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath, £47

Unfortunately mallow has nothing to do with marshmallows, but fortunately everything with this woman’s name on makes you feel like you’ve been to a spa in the alps. A little goes a long way so this will last a year.