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Everything you need to know, and nothing you don't about the treatment touted to zap unwanted hair


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Laser Hair Removal. Don’t yawn just yet. I know you’ve heard a lot about laser, because your best friend, cousin and colleague have all had it, but where previously it was only effective on certain skin colours or hair types, it's now good for all. 


I had an initial consultation at Pulse Light Clinic's Bank branch, which included a patch test and an exhaustive questionnaire. My course of treatment began the following week, when I hopped on a paper covered plastic bed, wearing nothing but knickers and goggles. It's not glam, but that's ok. "OMG babe laser will change your life," my therapist told me me, before showing me her own lasered body parts, that were so smooth and shiny they resembled bowling balls. 

She adjusted the wavelength of the laser, as per the melanin in my hair (dark) and my skin (fair), then set about my body with what can best be described as a zapper on a hose. How does it work? The laser emits pulses of concentrated light which are absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Converted to heat, the energy destroys the follicle, which in turn inhibits growth. I palmed two paracetamol beforehand, which is just as well because it felt as though a small but mighty match was being repeatedly struck against my skin. My bikini line was - momentarily - ablaze.

That said, it was so much more bearable than waxing - not least because it’s over in less than half the time. The average session for legs is 20-30 minutes, underarms is five minutes, and bikini line is 10 minutes. For all, eight sessions are advised, six-eight weeks apart, in order to catch every growth cycle of hair. 



Even after the first session, usually - very - hairy areas were resplendent with skin. And skin that wasn’t rough, red or raised. There was minimal regrowth, but even those hairs were shy and retiring. The list of things that are no more is quietly life changing; ingrown hairs, unsightly pores, razors, waxing, limbo growth stages, outfit obligations. Results increase exponentially after each appointment, and though I might need a top up session in a couple of years, that’s it. My only question is: why the heck didn’t I do this sooner?


A single session starts from £200
Legs, underarms and bikini package, £1796 for 8 sessions

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Pulse Light Clinic is closed as per government guidelines, so in the meantime, try the next best thing with one of these:

SmoothSkin bare+ ultrafast IPL hair removal device, £175

Use the glide mode to do exactly that over bigger areas like legs, or use the stamp mode for smaller areas where more precision is needed.

Philips Lumea BRI/923, £249.99

Slide and flash modes work the same as the aforementioned glide and stamp ones. For in between sessions, there’s also a handy trimmer, which can be used on facial hair too.

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