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The Greatest SPF for Pale Skin

Flora’s hero SPF might become your hero SPF. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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Flora Gill

journalist & BURO. contributor

BURO. beauty GURU

I am absurdly pale. If I close my eyes and lie naked on my bed sheets, I’m completely camouflaged, invisible even. One Halloween I went dressed as a vampire and, despite wearing only eyeliner and lipstick, was repeatedly asked what face paint I’d used to get my ghostly complexion (a drunk friend eventually licked a thumb and scrubbed it across my cheek to confirm it was bare). But the worst side effect of my alabaster tone is that it will find the sun in the gloomiest of days and turn a deep red. When going on holiday, instead of tanning like the other rotating women on the beach, I swell, burn and blister (less sexy). And if there’s an inkling of browning, my body will reject it and shed the layer like a sickly snake.

The result of this has been years of hiding in the shadows and choosing spots in the shade.

Of course, on days when sunlight is unavoidable I lather myself in sun cream, but the effect is an oily, heavy layer on my face, which feels sticky, makes my makeup run and often results in a pubescent level of breakouts (perhaps even less attractive than the flaking reptile skin)

"I’ve slowly swapped out almost all my expensive skin care for Beauty Pies steals"

But I don’t have these problems any more thanks to my discovery of Beauty Pie’s SPF. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, it’s a membership club where you pay a small amount per month (from £5) and then get the factory cost of luxury goods without the high markup brands add on. I’ve slowly swapped out almost all my expensive skin care for Beauty Pie's steals (I swear the cleanser is identical to Eve Lom), but the SPF is the item that’s stolen my heart.

Now everyday without fail I put it on before my makeup. Rather than dry out my skin or make it oily, the milky lotion moisturises, acts as a primer (something I’m far too lazy to do otherwise), and even has hyaluronic acid (I’ve no idea what that is, but every beautician seems to harping on about it, so it must be good).

I would say you need this product if you have pale skin, but really, you just need this product if you have skin. Even when you can’t see the sun we’re all supposed to be wearing sun-cream everyday.

So maybe vampires don’t actually turn to dust in the sunlight - maybe they just have a healthy fear of the long-term damage sun causes skin, and want to look youthful for their eternal life - for them, and you, this is the product to bring you out of the shadows.

beauty pie ultra light spf25, £7.68

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