Fenty beauty launches know no bounds, not even the pre-emptive hype of a pre-order

Phoebe McDowell | 08.01.2020

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Pre-ordering was once the preserve of Amazon and Apple, for books, albums and iPhones, but the concept now has a curiously tentacular reach, including but not limited to mascara. Rihanna’s Fenty mascara to be exact. Ah, you say. Of course it is. A wand from the wise, sent from the feather boa-draped heavens above.

It’s called Full Frontal, which presumably alludes to nudity - perplexing given that the application of mascara does in fact, dress your lashes. But no matter, because Fenty can do little wrong. Not since it set the industry standard of a 40-shade foundation range. Or since it was conceived by, well, Rihanna. Thus, if you listen hard you can hear the clamour of pre-ordering clicks from miles away. 

Touted as light, layerable, lifting and lengthening, there’s a flat side and a fat side, designed to separate and fatten respectively. The tapered tip means that 45 degree, inner eye, tongue-out bit is easy(er). And in saying that it will not budge, you're safe in the knowledge that Rihanna has run around it, sung in it, danced in it, designed clothes in it, teased a new album in it. Yep, still intact. Aptly named shade? Check. ‘Cuz I’m Black’. (£21). 

Official debut: January 16 here 


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