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Beauty.hype: Pat McGrath x Star Wars has landed

The Pat McGrath Labs Star Wars makeup collaboration is a glimmering ode to The Rise of Skywalker film release. Get hold of it you will


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'Pat McGrath Star Wars Makeup' is not a sentence we thought we’d be Googling this side of Christmas, but Googling it we are and with bells on. Why? We want it. My baby Yoda we want it bad. Pat McGrath is a bona fide makeup genius, and her Star Wars: Episode IX–The Rise of Skywalker collection is worthy of the same accolade.

Forget her backstage artistry for a moment (second thoughts you can’t possibly; remember that out-of-this-world Givenchy bead-mask from 2016? Us too, but in this instance, put it aside), her makeup creations are second to none.

The Mothership palettes sell out and threaten not to come back - we are still waiting for Mothership IV Decedance eye palette to pop back up in our wish list stock trackers (ahem, SOMETHING IS COMING! see below), and the Lust 004 glitter lip kit is still as fresh as the hermetically sealed packaging it came in.

"I am obsessed with Star Wars and galactic opulence, ranging from the rebellious beauty of Princess Leia to the gilded glamour of C-3PO.”


So what can we expect from the imminent release of Pat McGrath Star Wars collection? A pure ode to that whole far, far away galaxy. R2-D2 Lip Fetish balms, inter-galactic metallic shimmer palettes, and of course, of absolute course, the OG gold inspiration; C-3PO in all his gilded glory, but in makeup form. The MTHRSHP Galactic Gold Palette is all the party eye makeup makeup you need, basically.

Move over Death Star, the Mothership has landed, and you can get your hands, brushes and fingers on it soon. That’s if you can of course, waiting lists are gathering, it’s super limited edition, you might need to harness The Force, but resilient you are. And patience you must have my young Padawan. It’s not out till December 13th on PatMcGrath.com and at Selfridges.

in her own words

Pat told us, "We are so excited to work with Disney on this brilliant collaboration celebrating the intergalactic beauty of Star Wars: Episode IX–The Rise of Skywalker. The Star Wars characters have become integrated into our culture in such a major way that it’s hard to imagine a world without them!"

image credits Lucasfilm ltd

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