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Beauty.HYPE: Nars Afterglow (I’ll Have What She’s Having)

The cult lip balm that had waiting lists for the waiting list is back, this time with an entire entourage.


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What is the collective noun for a group of orgasmic makeup products? According to the Oxford Engl-ish Dictionary it’s an orgy of makeup products. And right now, an orgy of Nars Afterglow makeup products are preparing to spike your endorphins.

You know about Afterglow, right? You probably started with Nars Orgasm, the controversial universal blush that made you blush. Then if you were savvy you made sure to get hold of cult status Afterglow lip balm before it sold out. A nourishing monoi oil balm that delivers a flush of colour, much like a rush of blood to your lips. Because it sold out almost immediately. Then it sold out again. Then it came back with a new shade - Clean Cut, also notoriously hard to get hold of, and then it went kind of quiet, until now.

"You probably started with Orgasm, the controversial universal blush that made you blush."

Afterglow The Collection is indeed a veritable orgy of orgasmic makeup. Two palettes, one eye (with shimmer, matte, satin and metallic finishes), one cheek, (with gel to powder highlighter and blush colours), and eight entire shades of the lip balm to end all lip balms.

You think we’re exaggerating, but waiting lists don’t lie. So while you wait for this epic afterglow to hit on the 1st February, consider your choice carefully. Or um, you could, um, (so sorry about this) have multiple orgasms? Sorry.

DOLCE VITA (sheer dusty rose)

TURBO (sheer cherry red)

WICKED WAYS (sheer mulberry)


FAST LANE (sheer mauve nude)

DEEP THROAT (sheer pink with shimmer) - BEAUTY EDITOR FAVOURITE

ORGASM (sheer, peachy pink with golden shimmer)

CLEAN CUT (clear)

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