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We asked make-up artists how to stop make-up sliding when the temperature is rising


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Your make-up is near perfect when you leave the house, yet ten minutes later, it's deserted its station. Conspiring with not only the sun, but now also your protective mask, it can often feel like a losing battle. One that leaves you patchy skinned and smudgy eyed, but no more, because there are steps you can take to give everything a little more instruction and grip. 

on base

Glossier’s new Priming Moisturizer Balance, £23

Glossier’s European Makeup Partner Celia Burton always starts by getting rid of any natural oil build up with a micellar water. And don't think you need to skip moisturiser altogether, “just be sure to use gel-like formulas that hydrate without leaving an ounce of grease,” she says. Try Glossier’s new Priming Moisturizer Balance, which works to blur pores and control shine.


on make-up

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer, £32

“A slightly mattifying primer will help smooth any texture and absorb excess oil that can lift foundation throughout the day” says Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Warren Dowdall. BURO loves the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer, that makes skin look healthy and luminous. 

If you’re in a position to wear concealer only, forgo foundation altogether. Concealer formulas tend to be thicker, and therefore stay in place longer. But remember, only where you need it - otherwise you’ll look and indeed be, caked.

Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation, £32

If the thought of going base free makes you shudder, go for a longwear foundation formula. New innovations mean you don’t need to prioritise coverage over texture. “Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation lasts up to 16 hours, and no matter if it’s humid as hell or you’re sweating a bucket, it’ll stay true to colour” says Dowdall.

Finally, waterproof whichever formulas you can (more exist than you'd think!) And of course, waterproof also means sweat proof. Yes, it might mean you need a second, or even third pass when removing your mascara or lipstick, but no-one wants blackened under eyes. (Tired enough you say?)

on setting

Shiseido Oil Control Blotting Papers, £22

“Don’t powder, blot instead. Blotting papers will soak up sweat and oil without having to add layer on layers of powder” says backstage veteran Val Garland. BURO. loves Shiseido Oil Control Blotting Papers, £22.

Rae Morris’ Invisible Mattifier, £46

If you’re not willing to part with your powder however, Burton suggests trying something silicone based like Rae Morris’ Invisible Mattifier. Gel-like, it bridges the gap between blotting papers and powder. 

L’Oreal Paris Shake & Glow Setting Mist, £9.99

Finally, says Garland, use a setting spray. Her go-to is L’Oreal Paris Shake & Glow Setting Mist. “It’s infused with coconut water and gives a soothing cooling effect, whilst the Vitamin E in it helps protect the skin. I use it to set makeup once I’ve finished applying it, as well as to refresh the skin throughout the day”.

layering (EVENING ONLY)

On an evening, when everything is less magnified by glaring sun, Sir John - Beyonce’s make-up artist, no less - says you can afford to double up on formulas. Set your liquid foundation with a powder bronzer for example, use two coats of liner, for extra grip, and set your eyeshadow with a sturdy base.