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As June 21 edges closer, consider this a case for bright, zingy lipstick


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Freedom lingers in the air. It’s waiting in the wings, ready to assume its role in our brave new world. June 21 has been ringed in marker pen, on the calendars of the nation. Restaurant phones are ringing off the hook. You’ve got three mini breaks booked that don’t make much sense, but right now they’re sounding something wonderful (you had always wanted to go to the Norfolk Broads…). Outfit ideas, made up of the random bits bought from Instagram ads and the excellently compiled shopping edits here on BURO. are percolating. So too is the thought of applying make-up and brushing your hair.

You’ll be out of the blocks quicker than Usain Bolt, but boy is it daunting. Who remembers how to socialise? What level of contact is the right level of contact? Tactility tutorial needed, please. Launching into weighty debate isn’t advised. Plus, you’ve exhausted conversation pertaining to the vaccine and Sussex's. And June 21 is a time for lightness. For effervescence and respite, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never have to walk for fun again.


Your make-up should reflect the proceedings. It should spark joy. It should say I’m here, I’m ready to play and come hell or high water, I'll be the last one standing. If those who’ve forgotten how to converse need a conversation filler, your lipstick will be it. They will comment on its colour but also its finish. Then, when you get it out to top up after wearing a mask, or drinking your third spicy marg, they will squeal at its packaging. They won’t be able to help themselves. So which lipsticks fit the bill, I hear you ask? The answer is Hermès lipsticks, the spring summer limited edition collection, to be exact.


As the old idiom goes you can’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately in this instance, it’s nigh on impossible. In gloriously colourful, ludicrously chic reusable metal packaging, they look like something you might have bought from The Conran Shop to decorate your mantelpiece. Miniature totem poles of stellar design. But onto what’s in the tube, because by god you won’t look back. There are three shades, though for this, we’re going to discount the taupe-y pink called Beige Ébloui, and instead focus on the totally transformative Rose Oasis (£62), a poppy fuschia, and Corail Aqua (£62), a zingy red. So fresh and flamboyant, they're confidence in a bullet. With a light satin finish, you can swipe them on with no mirror. Perfect for the pub, when the queue for the loo snakes right out of the front door.