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Hermès lipstick is about to become your every-occasion signature lip


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I’ve got my Tarot cards to hand, fancy a reading? Whilst I don’t see a Birkin bag in your immediate future (that’s more of a long game investment, don't worry) I do see more Hermès. I see you resplendent in iconic orange. Lipstick. And leather and hardware. Lipstick case. I see your bank account reasonably in tact, unless you emotionally succumb to all 24 shades, which yes would be a worthy investment, but leaves less wiggle room for the bag that you’ll want to carry them all out and about in. Either way, a brand new, hot off the press, three years in the making Hermés lipstick in your possession cannot possibly be a bad idea. Here’s for why;


The collection is inspired by the appropriate classics. A matte shade range in honour of the Birkin bag (so you’re already living the brand dream without yet owning the brand dream), with a texture quite like very soft leather. And then a satin range that, you guessed it, talks to the Hermès silk scarf side of your soul.


The design. The design! It’s nothing short of iconic. Once I tell you Pierre Hardy spent a long time mentally disassembling the strength and beauty of a common or garden variety lipstick cylinder, you'll get it. Ah! Of course! Pierre Hardy, now it all makes sense. The Bauhaus style, the block bold colour. Show stopping in fact, utterly instagrammable, totally collectible, dust-bag worthy. Then you know it’s special.

"I tried it at the launch, it is perfection in lipstick form."



The pigment is a hundred and eighty three years in the making levels of great. OK, the brand is 183 years old, the lipstick has been in formulation for three years. It had to be perfect. Let me tell you, it is perfect. Especially important for a quality matte that you want to wear comfortably, not patchily.


The packaging is properly progressive. It’s exactly the right time to launch a beautifully designed range with plastic-free packaging. In fact the cases are made from the same metal hardware as the handbags. But moreover the brand are offering a refilling system, so you can top up your favourite shade without throwing your case away. Which you dustbag toters will especially appreciate. Even the emblematic orange box is made from recycled cardboard.


There is a limited bonus collection that will be reinvented each season, but this first one kicks off with three punchy shades in colourful cases. Corail Fou is our favourite; Described by the designers as 'a bright and joyful smile'. I tried it at the launch, it is perfection in lipstick form.


There's more? There's more. *Takes deep breathe* a comforting balm treatment, a poppy lip shine booster, a universal lip pencil, a hand lacquered wooden lip brush, a leather lipstick case, a moon mirror on a cord. And rumours of more makeup and Hermès skincare coming soon too. 


The twenty four shade range is launching March 4th and will cost £58, with refills at £33

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