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BEAUTY.hype: Glossier London (OMG etc)

Yes you heard us. Glossier London. There is a showroom opening this week and here is everything you need to know


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When it seems every time you open your Instagram there is another piece of Glossier news, you know that’s the work of Wiley Algorithm. He is targeting you because historically you’ve lingered on Glossier news, therefore you will forever be served Glossier news. Like this: JOY of joys, there is a pink palace due to open its doors at 10am on wednesday 20th November. Whilst it isn’t actually a palace (there were none available), you can expect the same level of Glossierness as any other Glossier showroom.

Whilst Glossier’s soul is firmly here, on the internet, it is a whole other experience to meet them IRL. To visit the showroom is to step inside your own metaphorical pink pouch. It’s like a glimpse into the creative mind of the team, led by founder Emily Weiss, who this week appeared on the cover of Time.

So what can we expect from Glossier London? Well firstly we can expect it to close on February 9th 2020. Damn it. But then if you think of our own Showroom as an art installation, a transitory shopping experience. An exhibition of the power of pink, then you’ll appreciate it’s temporariness, ok?

There will be the opportunity to sample, colour match, spritz, sniff, and/or buy everything from the brand, including the Glossier Play range.

Will there be a transparent behind the scenes stock selection system as per the OG New York showroom? Will there be a replica Antelope Canyon like the LA storey? Not exactly, no. Because each store draws inspiration from the area it's popped up in, so in this instance, on Covent Garden’s Floral Street, the space is abundant with flowers, naturally. Pink plus make-up plus flowers, oh my this gives @glossierboyfriends a whole new level of respect. Another nod to the geotag, but this time rooted in reality, umbrellas have been added to the GlossiWEAR product stable. From every sale, £5 will be donated to the Young Women’s Trust, a charity that fights for gender equality and helps struggling young women gain confidence and find work.

Below, a little thinking for your shopping list. 

Glossier London, at 13 Floral Street, Covent Garden


Beauty Director Sophie Beresiner has these in her makeup bag.

Such an interesting fragrance, I wear it, Emily Weiss wears it, and it is so different on every skin it’s like your own bespoke blend.

Glossier You Eau de parfum, £45

Somehow covers without caking, and works equally well under eyes as over spots.

Stretch Concealer, £15


Of COURSE I have Balm.com. In every flavour, but original and Mango are my favourites.

Balm Dotcom, £10

The tiniest amount goes for miles, I dot this on the apples of my cheeks, then swipe any excess on my eyelids. Love.

Cloud Paint, £15

The best stick highlighter for multi-tasking, again, as great for dewy lids as for lit cheekbones.

Haloscope dew effect highlighter, £15

I go a shade darker for a bit more definition, but this is still my favourite brow product (sorry Brow Flick)


The best stick highlighter for multi-tasking, again, as great for dewy lids as for lit cheekbones.

Futuredew oil serum hybrid, £23

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