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The Greatest Glitter Eyeshadow

Sophie’s hero glitter eyeshadow might become your hero glitter eyeshadow. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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Sophie Beresiner

Beauty & Style Director


One day I was an ordinary adult, going about my life without a glitter eyeshadow in my makeup bag since I skipped from my year nine classroom into the summer holidays. Then I saw Georgia Steel on Love Island 2018 and suddenly I was an extra-ordinary adult, with a huge new affinity for glitter eyeshadow and the precise exact way Georgia, and now I, wear it. This is a public confession that yes, I do adore Love Island, but moreover, I stole my signature eye look from someone who I suspect misapplied it by accident. Because surely I can’t be aesthetically inspired by a Love Island contestant? Surely?

The look is a dot of glitter eyeshadow, carefully splodged beneath the middle of your lower lashes. As such it’s a subtle touch - very adult friendly - and it’s multi-functional because it almost looks to the casual observer as if you might have been crying. Beautiful crying, not the ugly kind, which is of course just the coquettish, alluring look that makes people soften towards you without even knowing why. It’s Christmas genius, and it’s all in the application. You need a wand, rather than a finger-applied dot (too big a surface area) or a brush (too much glitter particle pick-up). The best wand for this task is housed in the best liquid glitter eyeshadow for it too. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow is the perfect combination of properly glittery liquid eyeshadow, rather than just shimmery or metallic, and the perfect narrow sponge applicator that points up and under your lashes to distribute the splodge just so. 'Smouldering Satin' is the neutral shade that isn’t too gold or too bronze, and I can’t tell you how many people have commented on this, my signature look. The one that I wear resolutely and religiously from October to March. And for full on nights-out or even summer weddings when I take it up a notch. On such occasions, a full swipe of Smouldering Satin on my top lid, (from lashes to the socket line, edges buffed gently with a clean brush), is nothing short of barnstorming. I thank the beauty gods for Stila Magnificent Metals and all that came after it. I weep with joy at the versatility it brings to my face. Or do I? Wait, is that a tear, or...?

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