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The Greatest CC Cream

Phoebe’s hero CC cream might become your hero CC cream. If you buy one thing today, make it this.


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I’ve always been jealous of people who don't wear foundation. ‘I just use concealer where I need it,’ they say, and I think, ‘OK, if you can do it, I can do it’. But because I follow their exact instructions, no square mm is left uncovered. Here’s the problem: my pores gape slightly and activity-wise, anything more strenuous than a dawdle tips me into ‘Pinks and Reds’ territory on a paint chart. Better if I’d just stuck to foundation.

And so, my quest to find a base that hides everything, whilst looking like it’s not hiding anything at all, was a longstanding one. Then in a scene that could well have been an advert, a fellow beauty editor instructed me to forget every foundation I'd ever tried (easy), and use It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination SPF 50+, £31, instead (very easy). I watched with rapt contemplation at how little was needed to cover, conceal and - this is the good bit - floodlight my face. I remember it like it was yesterday, and the rest is history, etc.

Of all the foundations intent on selling me a better face, none have succeeded like this. But before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as beauty hyperbole, know that I don’t dispense praise easily. I use and appreciate make-up daily, and while it is yes, enchantingly efficient, so too is my Dettol anti bac spray, which I wouldn't dream of dedicating this many words to. Essentially, this kind of endorsement is the written equivalent to shouting from the rooftops.

And so, on we go: all variables permitting, it makes me look as if I’ve bathed in celestial light. So deft and deceptive at making skin look like skin, it doesn’t obligate questions about what foundation I’m wearing, but instead attracts compliments about a perma-great and glowy face. Recently, a new colleague accompanied incredulous gawps with questions like, ‘what time do you go to bed?’, and ‘do you drink celery juice?’. I stopped her supposition in its tracks and sent her on her way to Boots.


    It’s got a hefty SPF (50), and makes thirsty skin look as juicy as anything. Coverage wise it’s on the right side of medium, so you’ll never feel exposed, and it’s clever colour correcting technology knocks back blue, purple, yellow and red (even a Farrow & Ball Rectory Red). With not one iota of shimmer, it refuses to let you look anything but natural (though what you choose to accompany it with is your own doing). Of the 12 shades, I am Natural Medium on the relatively small but wholly serviceable shade spectrum.

I wear it in summer when I’m the (safely-sunned) colour of teak. In winter when my skin belies my job as a beauty editor. At Christmas when I’m near-constantly carousing, and every hungover day in between. I wear it when I simply don’t have time to brush my brows, gloss my lips or whatever else it is I do to look like I have my shit together. Try and tell me about another base, and I simply will not listen, for (for now, at least) I assume anything that is not this, to be infinitely dull and disappointing.


IT COSMETICS, Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50, £31.00

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