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The Greatest Red Lipstick

Sophie's hero red lipstick might become your hero red lipstick. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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Sophie Beresiner

Beauty & Style Director


Before I was the beauty professional I am today, I had a history of bad make-up application. Done to me, not by me, you understand. To a pale girl (Russian heritage), with dark hair (Jewish heritage), red lipstick could be a little much. In my reality, it was a lot much. I had a brief stint with modelling – a period best not dwelled upon – but most pictures in my ‘portfolio’ featured black smoky eyes and blood-red lipstick.

I thought I looked like an inapposite vampire, so I didn’t touch red lipstick on an extra-curricular basis until seven years later, when I accidentally realised its full potential. Picture me, a Russian-Jewish beauty intern with imposter syndrome at a Dior party. I was there to celebrate the launch of a new range, totally self-conscious and pretending not to be when I wandered into a room where someone forcibly applied Red Premier 752 on my lips. I left that party with three phone numbers under my belt and a confident end to my long-term single status. That is how good the right red lipstick can be. Since then it’s been my signature, I’m happily married, but alas, Red Premier did not have such a happy ending. It was discontinued, as all the true legends are, reformulated and replaced with shade 999 (close, but more no ‘cigarello than cigar’).

So now I have a red lip repertoire – and today I’ll give you the skinny on a shade that will get you three phone numbers, whether you want them or not. No, really, it’s a skinny lipstick. YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Lipstick in Rouge Extravagant is the kind of velvet matte you could settle into nicely, thanks. The sharp, square bullet is surprising, yes, but just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean it isn’t application perfection. And finally, it lasts through most things. Drinking, yes. Eating, yes. Talking your way round a room full of people, yes. Connecting with the person you wanted to talk to the most, yes. The rest? You tell me.


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