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Beautiful beauty products that happens to be equally covetable off the grid as they are on it.


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We fully acknowledge and resolutely agree that Christmas has mutated into an outlandish consumerist farce. It’s grotesque. It’s…oh hello Guerlain limited-edition lipstick of dreams, I absolutely need two of you - you know, one to use, one to keep for collectability factor.

The fact of the matter is we just love beautiful things. As humans at Christmas, we are basically predisposed to have a severe attraction to sparkle. Some unashamed beauty worshipping that appeals to our inner magpie is definitely in order, and my how the beauty brands this year have answered our call.
We could dress it up as exploring beauty for beauty’s sake, which somehow manages to sound plausible and even mildly cerebral, (and quite frankly if a banana stuck to the wall with gaffer tape can be called ‘art’ we’ll be damned if some of the beauty merch out there isn’t a chisel short of a Michelangelo).

But in the spirit of transparency, we’re going to call it what it is; a round-up of the most alluring, eye-pleasing, ‘I didn’t even know I wanted this, but I really do’ makeup sets or single items that would make delightful presents or delightful ‘self-care’ items (incidentally self-care can be used to justify pretty much any purchase). Pin them, post them, gift them, keep them on a shelf to gaze at, the choice is yours. We’re merely bringing them to your attention, so please, scroll away. As you were.

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