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24 of the best calendars, to make you giddy with glee


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Christmas is a bit of a different proposition this year. There'll be no office parties, which means no snogging colleagues or conversations that start with "I've got to be honest, when I first met you...". No Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, or trips to Winter Wonderland. There'll be no extended family sitting around makeshift tables with 'the kids' (all now 30) perched on stools. Oh dear it's all a bit sad, isn't it? Even more so than discussing advent calendars in October? Ok, but these aren't filled with chocolate or chunks of cheese, they're full of candles, cleansers, bronzers and balms.

If you've never experienced the joy of a beauty advent calendar, this is the year. After all you've endured this year, you need some respite. And daily respite at that. Every day, every hour, and on the hour were you to buy each and every one of the advent calendars below. (Although that’s not something we condone, the maths does make perfect sense).

Beauty advent calendars are so exciting and so bountiful, they fill your bathroom cabinet. Liberty’s is once again standout, with a mini Diptyque candle and a cult Augustinus Bader’s The Cream, in addition to a full sized Hourglass eyeshadow and Davines shampoo. Not only do you get to try lot of new products, you save lots of money too. For example, despite being worth £630 each, both Space NK and Cult Beauty’s are less than £200. 

They don’t hang around for long. Usually people queue round the block, or camp outside as if they were waiting for a new iPhone. Such is the hype of the beauty advent that waiting lists open months before. But this year we reckon you can procure one from the comfort of your own home


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