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The minimalist eyeliner trend with maximum phwoar. Bright eyeliners at the ready, people.


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Where do you wear your eyeliner? Exactly where you’re supposed to, we imagine. In the waterline of your bottom lid, or nestled into your lashes on the top one? It adds definition and packs a punch there, huh? It makes you look alive when you are in fact, nearing sleep. You're fond of black or brown, or, when you’re feeling fruity, something with a shimmer, like khaki with gold, or navy with silver. Yes! Excellent. But what if we told you (as grown women, might we add) to forget all of this, and pick up something striking. Something bright, beaming and astute. Like fuschia, yellow or lurid green? And once you have, to draw it not on the eye, but above or around it. 

Ok, it's not for the pale or placement-hearted. But before you close this window and mutter something under your breath about BURO. being out of touch with its professional and sophisticated readers, observe how it’s actually very minimal. And then consider its adaptability, and even, how subtle it could be if you simply temper the colour and shape. You're listening now? “Follow the natural contours of your eye, leaving the obvious parts blank. If a long linear line feels too much, disconnect it. I love dashes, or an arrow shape at the outer corner. Remember also that metallic shades are more forgiving so if in doubt, enlist something with shine” says Dior ambassador Nikki Wolf.

Aside from its obvious gorgeousness, this 'trend' allows you to wear black in summer (should you so wish) and to dismiss those who call you boring when you leave the pub after two to settle in with Selling Sunset. Boring, you? You with the lilac liner. I don’t think so. It doesn’t communicate the uncomplicated sexiness of a smokey eye, instead, a joie de vivre which is surely better right now? So let’s make use of an expanded colour - and face - chart, and approximate the kind of lines on the abstract, geometric prints that hang in our bedrooms. All you need is a liner and two eyes. It’s that easy, really.

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