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In the midst of a nail biting presidential election, the makeup brand Lipslut is donating all the proceeds of selling its star product F*uck Trump, a liquid lipstick in a colourful package with pop art Trump faces to help the voter turnout. The ethos is simple: buy a lipstick and change the world. Lipslut isn't afraid to align themselves with politics, something that historically, beauty brands wouldn shy away from. Here's everything you need to know about Lipslut, a activist makeup line that's leading the charge.


A beauty wunderkind, Katie Sones launched her vegan and cruelty-free makeup line Lipslut three years ago, when she was just 21 years old. Why? Because in 2016 Donald Trump won the presidential election for the first time, with controversial promises of defunding support networks for women. “Call me crazy, but on the night of Trump’s inauguration, I decided to take a stand. I opened up my laptop and my makeup bag, and I got to work”, recalls Sones, who at the time was finishing her degree in packaging design at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. “That night, from the floor of my dorm room, I set out to bridge the gap between activism and beauty”. She continues, “I was fuelled by the belief that beauty could empower people to fight the issues affecting their communities through everyday purchases. This idea lead to a lipstick—F*ck Trump”.

For every lipstick and lipgloss sold, Lipslut donates 50% of all earnings to charities and organisations directly impacted by Trump’s decisions. Which ones? Customers can choose organisations from the list on the website (including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, the National Organization for Women, and Center For Reproductive Rights), when making a purchase. So far, Sones has raised more than $200,000 for women’s issues. And, most pleasingly, it’s just the beginning. Sones believes that Lipslut can change the rules of the beauty game, because consumers today want to buy from brands with a strong point of view on political and social issues, and hopes that one day all beauty corporations will be using their power to create a better world.



Lipslut is liquid lipsticks and glosses. All come in bright packaging, have catchy names and an important mission. For example, the famous Fuck Trump lipstick, defends women’s issues, and comes in iconic rosy pink and 4 more colour options: Fake News is a cool dark fuchsia, Covfefe is a dark violet, Tax Returns is a soft dusty pink, and Locker Room Talk is a warm classic red. If you are tired of Trump, you can also order an RBG inspired bullet. Entitled Notorious R.B.G., it's a matte liquid lipstick in a brilliant, bad bitch cherry and 50% or all earnings go to organisations continuing her fight for equality. Or how about Fck Kavanaugh, a matte liquid lipstick in a deep red? 50% of the proceeds from this go to anti-sexual assault organisations, such as BetterBrave, End The Backing, Futures Without Violence, and Equal Rights Advocates.

The lip glosses all support voting rights charities. Feel The Bern, a peachy an, is inspired by Bernie Sanders, Persist, inspired by Elizabeth Warren, is a poppy pink, and Madam Speaker, nodding to Nancy Pelosi, is a sharp red plum.


Since Lipslut's launch, Katie Sones has her finger firmly on the pulse, making her brand extremely relevant. When Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out, Sones launched a limited edition liquid lipstick Fck Hollywood, a bright red, with 50% proceeds going to organizations working to end sexual assault. And everytime, when there is an important issue in politics, like Trump's anti-immigrations campaigns on the Amercian-Mexican borders, separating families apart, Sones all 100% proceeds from Fuck Trump lipstick to help people in need.


All the products are available on the brand’s website for domestic shipments in the US, with prices ranging from $17,95 for a lip gloss to $19,95 for a liquid lipstick. For international shipments, the brand proposes to contact them via email or on social media @lipslut

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