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Meet Florence, the Gut Health Guru. You probably already know her, or someone like her, at least


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We’re a society obsessed with wellness, which let’s face it, can be exhausting. Just when you think you’re up to date, your friend/ colleague/ Instagram feed (delete as appropriate) proves you otherwise. In this, People Like Us - a snippet of social satire - we take on the diet, fitness, and wellness trends that are pedalled by, well, people like us.

While you’ve barely roused from the post-Christmas stupor, Florence has already fermented enough kombucha to fill 17 Kilner jars. Now attuned to her microbiome, she’s no longer governed by calculations of proximity to the nearest loo. Either way, she remains an avid PCA (poo-chat advocate) – it’s an IBS prerequisite, apparently. No element of the process or product is off conversational – and, it has been known, illustrational – limits. She discusses shades and textures of stools as if they were revered Jackson Pollocks, regardless of whether you’re tucking into beef bourguignon at the time or not. At dinner parties, while her friends debate the defects of a BoJo-led Britain, she’ll be found talking faecal transplants with her friend Geoffrey, a GP, in the corner.

Image | Adam hale

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