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Maria Hatzistefanis With The Great Hair

Yes, some people are born with good hair, but some simply have their routine and product stable down pat. Here’s looking at you, Maria Hatzistefanis. Please tell us EVERYTHING.


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It was nice to have a break from too much styling - I realised the extent to which it damages my hair. It feels really healthy at the moment. As for my roots, I had to use cover up spray to conceal the growth. When I finally, very recently had my hair cut and coloured, I felt human again. 


Session stylist Miguel Martin Perez cuts my hair, and I only let him trim the ends every 3-4 months as I like to keep the length. I had my hair cut really short when I was a teenager and absolutely hated it. I sometimes have nightmares that someone creeps up on me while I’m sleeping and cuts it all off! 

For colour I see Marley Xavier at Josh Wood Colour. My natural colour is a medium brown, and always lighten it with balayage, approximately every two months. I go for ashy, more natural tones rather than blonde.


L’oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, £4.99

I’ve never really spent a lot on hair care, especially shampoo, because this does everything I need it to. It cleanses, supplies shine, and over time, I've even noticed a difference in the density.



Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Conditioner, £15.90

Again, an affordable conditioner. I really like to keep my hair looking ashy, but never brassy. This just keeps those tones at bay. It smells great and somehow, seems to last forever.


IGK hair Beach Club Volumising Texture Spray, £25

I often work with a hairstylist from the IGK salon in New York, and she showed me this one day after I complained that my hair can sometimes look lifeless. I have never looked back! It extends the life of my blow dry by at least a day. Genius! 


Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, £299.99

I’ve recently started using the Dyson hairdryer, and aside from everything you already know about how good it is, I find it gives my hair much more volume than other hair dryers.

The Babyliss Big Hair Brush Tool, £70

Once my hair is mostly dried, I section it and go over it with this hot brush. It gets smooths and untangles, and ensures the volume stays in place. It also gives shine, and nice bounce and body at the ends. Everything, really.


Solgar Biotin 100 Vegi Capsules, £22.99

I have used various supplements over the years, but I always come back to Biotin. I use 500mg which is the highest concentration. You can never rely on just one thing for hair health, and for me it’s avoiding heavy heat styling, harsh colouring and keeping up my intake of Biotin.

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