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Good Hair Days


Yes, some people are born with good hair, but some simply have their routine and product stable down pat. Here’s looking at you, Jennifer Garner. Please tell us EVERYTHING.


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I have always had thick, stick straight hair. I took its health for granted until it was damaged from a crazy curling iron shooting a movie that will go unnamed. And the clumps that fall out after having a baby—those did one over on me, too. I made a hard switch from seeing long hair as the easiest to put in a ponytail to having the best artists in the world using my hair as a sculptural tool.



I have some killer hair memories—there was a black Oscar de la Renta at the Oscars that Adir (Abergel) did with a swoopy bang. There was a really simple wavy look in a white Gucci dress at the Golden Globes. But my favourite is when Adir has me ready for a day of work and my hair is a version of my own—but with more body, more texture and more life, in general.



Virtue Full Shampoo, £36

Virtue was instantly a game changer. I had never had a product make such a difference so very quickly/my hair felt lifted and full. And the smell! It’s amazing. I alternate between the Full Shampoo and the Recovery Shampoo depending on what I need (they’re self-explanatory).

My favourite shampoo and conditioner, without a doubt - Virtue Full. Ok sometimes I like the Recovery and sometimes I use Full. But those two by Virtue Labs - best I’ve ever ever used. I know people say you should rinse when you’re done but I do not. No ma’am.

the conditioner:


Virtue Full Conditioner, £38


on cuts and colours

Adir Abergel or Chris McMillan cut my hair - I know - lucky me. Tracey Cunningham has coloured it forever. Unless there is something specific I’m getting ready to shoot, I just leave them to it - they know what I like. I’ve had some grey hairs show up this last year - there are probably way more than I even know, but Tracey quietly colours them. That’s ok, I’ve earned them, they’re welcome on my head.

the tool:


Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer, $349

I use Harry Josh’s hair dryer and the STOTTS detangling brushes - we have them brushes all over the house. They’re not available in the UK though, so grab a few next time you’re stateside.

the supplement:


vital proteins collagen peptides, £25

I’m not a huge supplement taker, but I stick two scoops of this into my morning smoothie. Unflavoured, it doesn’t alter the taste of my smoothie and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my nails and hair.

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