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The Greatest Hair Tool

Phoebe's hero hair tool might become your hero hair tool. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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I don’t do my hair every day. In fact, I hardly do my hair any day. Is it poker straight like Rachel Green’s? No. Is it as wondrously waved as Julia Roberts’? Certainly not. Is it full but always a bit frizzy? Well yes, I suppose it is. I don't mind so much, but am aware that when an occasion dictates a bit more polish, that my natural hair won't do. Enter: ghd’s Curve Curl Tong.

The first time you use it, you will, like me, flap about whether to point it up or down, or whether hair should be wrapped over or under. It's all a bit Ann Widdecombe on Celebrity Big Brother, grappling hopelessly with a pair of straighteners (more on that here). That said, there’s no right way to use it, or if there is, there doesn’t need to be.

"While make-up may fall off around you, your hair will maintain absurd effortless perfection, like that of someone about to attend a posh party."

How to use? Twist, clamp, hold, repeat. (I am aware that reads like a slogan on a naff T-shirt, but there we are). When you’ve tonged every section (every 3cm or so), spray with hairspray and run a brush through. Not gingerly either. Brush and brush and brush. You’ll be amazed at how separate strands mesh together in perfect undulations, in a way that, in my experience anyway, is normally elusive outside of the hairdressers.


While makeup may fall off around you, your hair will maintain absurd, effortless perfection, like that of someone about to attend a posh party. And it’ll look healthy too, because this, somehow, manages to supply shine. Though that's not all that surprising because technology in tools these days extends way beyond coaxing a curl, and especially at ghd. And it's not just immediately after that you'll be happy with you hair, but days after too. My hair holds a discernible wave for as many days as I manage not to wash it, which is to say I'm still chuffed on day five. 

ghd curve® soft curl tong, £129

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