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The Greatest Dry Shampoo

Sophie’s hero dry shampoo might become your hero dry shampoo. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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When you can confidently stand on the tube with your head squashed beneath the nose of a tallish business woman squashed in the armpit of an on-their-way-home-from-football-player, you can talk to me about your dry shampoo. Until then, you need to hear about mine. This week was a particularly unpleasant week; blue Monday turned into blue tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and as such my hair did not see the opened end of a shampoo bottle once in the whole four days. There is something so catastrophically wearying about washing your hair when you’re having a crap day four days, (my armpits are lucky they got a derisory once-over). Uh oh, call myself a beauty expert? Well no actually, I call myself a defeated-by-the-week normal person with resultory flat roots. OK gross roots. And I can’t find my fucking dry shampoo don’t test me dry shampoo where are you?!

"Uh oh, call myself a beauty expert? Well no actually, I call myself a defeated-by-the-week normal person with resultory flat roots."

It’s like that joke - where do you find a hamster with no legs? Wherever you left it, ba dum tss. Because it gets annoying how good it is, since I tend to carry it to wherever I need it and then I forget where that was. If you were a compact bottle of heavenly smelling, oil and sweat absorbing, non-residue leaving Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo, where would you be? Of course! At the bottom of the handbag I used last tuesday, thank goodness.


My reflection is a bit sad, so I chuck some Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow on and voila! I look like I had an OK start to the week actually, decidedly glowy and healthy even - such is the power of makeup and precisely why I love it so. I spray four bursts of the PhD aerosol into my roots, wait thirty seconds and then do a mini-head massage and VOILA! I look like I had a great week. Maybe even one with a blowdry appointment squeezed in this morning, because really this stuff is quite magical. With a brush-through and a quick tong of the front section I am refreshed to death and ready to get on the tube and shove my head under a tallish woman's nose. Jeez, that football player on the other hand...

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