The hair washing innovations you never knew you needed

28.04.2020 | Phoebe McDowell

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Despite flirting with a shampoo that promises more, you’re probably still using something supermarket-y. One that takes you back to school, university and everything in between. That or you use whatever’s in arms reach, oblivious and/or apathetic to the end result. I know, why deviate from something that cleans as good as it smells, is readily available and comfortably affordable?

But it is, objectively, a good time to do some investigative shampoo work. Yes, declining a virtual pub quiz invitation because you’re washing your hair is a thinly veiled, almost comical excuse, but not only will it be a) true, it will b) alert the organiser not to ask you again, ergo absolving you of the once fun, now onerous experience altogether.

The experts agree, too: “You should treat your hair as you do your face”, says Elena Lavagni, owner and founder of Neville Hair & Beauty in Kensington, insofar that you should switch up your shampoo depending on your needs. “Lockdown is a great time to train your hair if you wash it too much. Just try and do one wash less a week, which will allow the natural oils to take over, instead of stripping them out,” she adds.


Perhaps having hair that grows heartily to your shoulders, but refuses to go any further is the hair equivalent of a first world problem. Nevertheless, the operative word is problem. According to Lavagni, stunts in growth can be down to anything “from hormones and too much heat, to diet and how prone you are to getting split ends”.

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Pro Longer Lengths Renewing Shampoo, £13.40

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Pro Longer Lengths Renewing Shampoo, £13.40 has patented technology which promises to penetrate hair to thicken it (thinner hair is more likely it is to break), and coating each strand, specifically the ends, in a protecting coating that make brittle bits bulbous. Don’t expect bum-skimming lengths, but do contemplate - based on the brand’s claims - 94% hair breakage reduction, 17% reduction in visible split ends, and up to five times more shiny hair. “Working in tandem with micro-trims to maintain hair health, this plumps and thickens ends to look full as well as healthy,” says Adam Reed, L’Oréal Professionnel UK Editorial Ambassador.



Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo Deep Moisture, £27.50

For pastures new, beyond lockdown, when getting ready to go out is once again a rote process, and one that involves hair dryers, straighteners and tongs. As the name suggests, this gives hair quenching nourishment.

Living Proof Perfect hair Day® Triple Detox Shampoo, £24

Pollution might not be a perceived problem right now, but the build up of product (we’ll hazard dry shampoo), and hard water show no sign of abating. This cleanses your scalp and then some. Hair feels positively spritely, and your scalp, completely and utterly itch free. 


Jen Atkin launched this product by dropping videos detailing everything you'd ever want to know, in the DMs of influencers and editors, which is a fittingly clever way to launch an ingenious shampoo range that caters to all hair types and thickness. Unsure as to where you fall? There’s a quiz on the website if you’re unsure what type of hair you have, or, as Jen suggests: “If you can play tug of war with your hair, it’s thick, and if you can barely feel a hair being pulled out, it’s fine”. Each formula is specially formulated, for example, in that for thin hair there’s biotin (vitamin B7) to fortify and chia seed oil to thicken. And ever in step with the proclivities of the masses, there are refillable pouches, which help to reduce carbon footprints (of the hair washing variety) by 30%.

Ouai Fine Shampoo, £22


Larry King’s client list is replete not only with celebrities, but ones with indisputably good hair (from One Directioners to Delevingnes). For him variety is the spice of shampooing, because while one resuscitates roots, another eliminates the amassed evidence that you skipped on a bi-weekly wash because no one is using the video function on Zoom anymore. His new Wash Cycle range comprises three shampoos, Good Life (for strength and nourishment), City Life (to get rid of pollution, production, grit and grease) and Social Life (for hold, bounce and shine). Designed to be used in conjunction with one another, you’ll soon work out your personal prescription. Finish your wash as usual, with conditioner - Liquid Hairbrush, which is genius not only in its moniker but also its supremely detangling, liquid velvet formula.

Larry King Good Life Shampoo, £40

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