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Beauty. HYPE: Tom Ford Rose Prick is the new Fucking Fabulous

The Tom Ford provocative perfume train is adding another passenger in February. Here is everything you need to know about Rose Prick


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Oh! Oooh. Mmmm. A written description of the imagined olfactory journey upon discovering Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume will have to suffice, since no further information is available. Yet.

Rose Prick is the latest iteration in the line of ever so slightly controversial Tom Ford fragrances, following Fucking Fabulous in 2017, and Lost Cherry at the end of 2018. And the news of Rose Prick (oh!) is only at the trickling-through-social-media stage of release at present.

We thought it only fair to tell you what we know about it so far, which is this; ‘Oh!’ Refers to the name, Rose Prick. Botanically means one thing, biologically alludes to another. Oh!

"you've already made space on your shelf, haven't you?"

‘Oooh’ refers to the bottle. Oh my, it’s beautiful. Flat matte baby pink with sophisticated signature black label. The kind of bottle you want to design a room around. Actually, maybe the bathroom does need a new colour scheme…


‘Mmmm’ refers to the scent structure. It sounds amazing. Rose (obviously) is handled in a ‘juicy, flowery and full-bodied way’, but it’s supported by sichuan pepper and turmeric for a spicy Tom Ford twist. There are three key roses in the middle of the mix; Classic May (found in all your luxury rose-based favourites), Turkish and Bulgarian, and the base is sweet and sexy with patchouli and tonka bean. Mmmmmm, right?

We’re reliably informed the 50ml eau de parfum will be available at the very beginning of February and will cost around £200. You’ve already made space on your shelf haven’t you?

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