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Your Valentine's Day just improved drastically


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You may currently be lamenting a housebound Valentine’s Day, but it will have its benefits. One of them is the opportunity to indulge in a scented candle. Perhaps lockdown, and the circumstances of life itself, mean that you’ll be doing this alone. In accompaniment with a hot bath and a good book, however, this will be a splendid evening. But scented candles can also be enjoyed by more than one party. This is where their flattering glow is probably the most appreciated, after all. And maybe in the midst of oxytocin is where they smell their best.

So what do scented candles have to do with the five love languages? Nothing, really. But, much like astrology, it is an excuse to talk about yourself. And whether you’re single or in a relationship, that joy is unrivalled.


Sometimes it’s not enough to know that your partner loves you. It must be stated explicitly for you to believe them. But, if they aren’t feeling particularly verbose for whatever reason, lighting Acqua di Parma’s scented candle on the matter – with its heady notes of black pepper and clove – will transport you back to the first time they said it. And we all know that this is the sweetest exclamation of all. If this sounds too intense, Skandinavisk’s Lempi (Old Finnish for ‘love’) scented candle offers a gentler and more realistic version that smells of peony, rose, strawberries and mosses. The realism? Its connection to the Finnish saying that ‘love doesn’t have to be perfect, but genuine’.


Who cares about sincere compliments and heartfelt messages? You’d much prefer your partner’s love to be demonstrated in practical ways. Frankly, they’re here to serve you (and – when you can be bothered – you them). With top notes of coffee and pastry, D.S. & Durga’s Breakfast Leipzig is breakfast in bed via scented candle. And August & Piers Saint is a tribute to the person who lovingly makes it for you.


Physical touch is the love language of the tactile. Fleurshadow by Boy Smells somehow encapsulates the best thing about regularly sharing your bed with a certain someone. That said, you may prefer to pursue these sensations as an independent entity. And this is where Reine de la Nuit by Miller Harris comes in.



Some people just like things, especially when their love language is receiving gifts. Elephant & Bamboo’s Velvet Orchid & Pomegranate scented candle imagines a room full of bouquets and fruit baskets. But Diptyque choose simplicity and tradition with Roses – not to mention that the limited edition packaging is a gift in itself.


The joy of spending quality time with your partner has taken a beating in lockdown. It’s supposed to be ‘quality’ time, not ‘constant’ time. But this doesn’t mean we can’t fantasise about what we would be doing if we could. The Walpole Bay scented candle by Haeckels, for example, has got mulling over a trip to Margate. But there’s also beauty in spending quality time with yourself. Jo Malone created her Jo by Jo Loves fragrance explicitly for herself. Thankfully, it’s also available in candle form.

We only recommend things we love, however we might earn a small commission if you choose to buy something.

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