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At the end of lockdown and the start of summer, showers are back on the menu – just in case you'd been rationing them


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How’s your relationship been with your shower this past year? Inconstant we imagine, because if no-one is going to see you, let alone smell you, then... really? You are trying to minimise your carbon footprint, after all. Sure you’d have one to rinse salty sweat, post workout, or salty tears, post weep, but it’s not a practice that’s as ingrained as it should be right now. But this week, with the UK starting to stir, you’re going to need to shower much, much more. There'll be near-constant carousing between brunch, BBQs, dinners and dancing. And then there’s work. WORK! Having to be somewhere other than the kitchen table before 9am. Showers are the only thing for it. 

Cold showers might increase circulation and reduce stress, but hot showers have been found to reduce anxiety and increase levels of oxytocin – also known as the love hormone. Think about how happy you are when you shower in hotels. The feeling can hardly be beaten; you practically levitate. There may be encaustic tiles and a rainforest head that’s more powerful than a pressure hose, but it’s also the products. The packaging! The smell! The way they make your skin sing! A proper dose of dopamine

Le Labo

Le Labo Hinoki, £21

This may take its scent cues from Japan's native Hinoki tree, but it feels like it might belong to someone who lives in a Manhattan loft, orders expensive noodles in boxes, and, thanks to sunflower and sesame oil, and rosemary, has wondrously soft and supple skin.


Roger & Gallet

Roger & Gallet Citron Shower Gel, £9.50

You’ve just dug your finger into the skin of a lemon and a micro jet of juice spurts out and tickles your nose. That’s how using this feels, which is ideal when your alarm goes off two hours earlier than it has done for a year. Like liquid sunlight, woah, chefs kiss.


Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar, £12

For those who really are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, this no-plastic bar is designed to fit snug in your hand. No slip and slide, here. Filled with biodegradable bamboo powder (it’s as satisfying to use as it sounds...), it gets rid of dullness, dryness and the like. Lots of oils to restore moisture, too.

Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Moisturizing Body Cream-Cleanser, £10

Instantly transportive, this will help while holidays remain off the cards, whether you’d planned to go to Rio or not. Side note: if you haven’t tried this brand’s Bum Bum cream, then you haven’t lived. Additional side note: definitely consider Rio. 


The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel, £15

A trusted shower companion, it feels as though only the ripest, richest mangos have been squeezed and pulverised into this one. It’s the only possible explanation as to why skin can feel so nourished and appear so radiant.

Frank Body

Frank Body Clean Body Wash: Sunday Brunch, £9.95

Lots of good fun ingredients in this one, from Kakadu plum and pomegranate to coffee. Contrary to its name, it’s just as invigorating and efficient on a weekday - even Monday. And as it doesn’t foam, it doesn't dry skin out either.


Rituals Foaming Shower Gel, £8.50

If you’re the kind of person who’d prefer to languish in the bath, in a mountain of bubbles until your fingers and feet are wizened, you will enjoy the luxury of this thick and foamy cleanser. So rich and soft, it almost feels too good.


Ouai Body Cleanser, £24

Ouai puts a lot of effort into its scents. Almost as important as the formula itself, we defy you not to be intoxicated by its uber sophisticated citrus smell. With probiotics, jojoba seeds and rosehip oil, you’ll notice the difference on your skin too.

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