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The Greatest Hyaluronic Serum

Candice Brathwaite’s hero hyaluronic serum might become your hero hyaluronic serum. If you buy one thing today, make it this


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Candice Brathwaite

Author & BURO.Contributor

Author & BURO.Contributor

One thing that a lot of people seem to want to know is what I use on my skin. I have to admit for a long time, it wasn’t a lot. Having struggled with really bad acne in my teens, I had become dependent on the pill and very strong medical ointments to keep my breakouts at bay.

In my early twenties, seemingly overnight, I awoke with almost perfect skin; the only giveaway being some scarring that is still left on my back. And so now, cured, I did what a lot of women in their early twenties seem to do: drink, smoke and use ghastly face wipes to remove my make up (on the nights I wasn’t too merry to forget to do so).

Then, something happened. Perhaps it was spotting my first grey hair or being wonderfully influenced by skin gurus online, but all of a sudden, I am all about the skincare.

Double cleanse? Sometimes triple. Vitamin C capsules? I’m on it. Monthly facials when it was safe enough to do so? Sign me up. And in exploring this brilliant new world, I seem to have stumbled across something so excellent, I can’t possibly imagine my skincare routine without it. And that thing is Dr Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum for darker skin tones.

Through using other serums, I learned that having oily skin didn’t mean that you could get away with not hydrating your largest organ and I had them helpful in giving my skin that extra zing.

But nothing compares to the richness of this product. So brilliant it is, you only need a drizzle of an amount to cover your face and neck and immediately. It feels as though your skin is having the tallest glass of water on one of the hottest summer days. It sits seamlessly under my moisturiser and sunscreen of choice without weighing my face down and it is a step I don’t miss at night (I know twice a day, absolutely living on the edge). It has noticeably begun to erase any hyperpigmentation I have caused because I’ve given in and picked a spot or used body exfoliators (which are more suited to cleaning the behinds of elephants than on delicate human skin – always read the label!)

Although it’s perhaps positioned as a luxurious treat, I’ve now declared it as a necessity. I’ve let my other half know that he should add it to the Christmas and birthday wish list. And I’ve calculated that if I use it sparingly enough, I may only need to purchase one bottle per year. Even if I am a little heavy-handed and find myself having to purchase more, it’s an indulgence I feel I deserve and one - unlike another slice of chocolate fudge cake - that I will never regret.

DR. BARBARA STURM, Darker Skin Tones Hyaluronic Serum, £235.00, at cult beauty

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