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Meet Josephine, the Soul Cycle Obsessive. You probably already know her, or someone like her, at least


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We’re a society obsessed with wellness, which let’s face it, can be exhausting. Just when you think you’re up to date, your friend/ colleague/ Instagram feed (delete as appropriate) proves you otherwise. In this, People Like Us - a snippet of social satire - we take on the diet, fitness, and wellness trends that are pedalled by, well, people like us.

Previously, Manhattan was Becky’s mecca, but as of June 2019, it’s Great Marlborough Street. The £186 she spent on merch, is a small price to pay for the knowing wink she receives from instructor Reynold, who in Soul Cycle space has celebrity status. She widens her eyes and audibly tuts when fellow spinners can’t “find the god damned beat”, or “tap it back double time” - not least when they’ve taken up a coveted seat on the front row (it’s a privilege, not a right, Eliza). After a double session (that’s one - wholly unnecessary - class straight after another), she waits for Reynold outside the studio, ostensibly to discuss her biomechanics, but in reality to flaunt their rapport before Eliza the following week. 

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image by ADAM HALE

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